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Extend your application development capabilities with user friendly web portals and lightweight mobile applications

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Build great mobile and web experiences

Fast, responsive, and flexible. Achieve your business goals by meeting your user expectations.

People spend more than 3 hours a day on their smartphones — and it’s key to capitalize on that tendency with user-friendly, lightweight applications.

Taking a page from the consumer world: mobile websites that load 4x faster earn 2x the ad revenue. Which end of the spectrum does your web application fall onto?

Customer and partner demands are among the biggest drivers of change. Make sure your web portals and mobile applications exceed expectations, delivering with responsiveness and speed.

Our services help you build a better experience for both B2B and B2C use cases. We work with our customers to create responsive web applications, lightweight mobile experiences, and user-friendly web portals.

With IT expertise and in-depth business knowledge, we give you what you need to grow now and in the future.

Responsive web applications

You know what you want out of your web application. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to technology solutions.

We work closely with your team to determine your specific goals, capabilities, and needs. If you need a handful of developers to augment your team or a dedicated group of experts to plan and execute your vision, we are here to help.

This is what you can count on when partnering with Lightwell to develop your web application:

ai advanced technologies
Full picture of scope of work, timeline, and ROI
Expertise in multiple technologies and platforms
360 degree view
A dedicated team to plan, develop and test your application
Team members highly experienced in UX and UI
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Testing and iterations to your satisfaction
Up-to-date security and compliance
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Lightweight mobile applications

There really is an app for that.

Whether you need on-demand tracking for a company fleet or a quick way for field reps to communicate, lightweight mobile applications are key to keeping your entire organization on the same page.

We work with you to determine your business goals with a new application, your current IT capabilities, and the most efficient way forward.

From there, we get to work developing a mobile application that accomplishes your goals and paves the way for a more nimble organization. We can either develop the application for you or provide the niche expertise you need to bring everything up to speed.

User-friendly web portals

Customer experience is about more than how a customer service rep handles a phone call. Great CX means giving the customer what they want, when they want it. 

These days, customers want easy-to-use, fast web portals for interacting with the rest of your organization.

We deliver web portals that meet your user expectations while maintaining the security, flexibility, and cost-efficiency that your enterprise demands. Turn to us for:

  • B2B and B2C customer web portals that deliver a seamless experience.
  • Partner portals that make it easy to move things forward.
  • Vendor portals designed to reduce maintenance, operations and purchasing demands.
  • Learning and service portals to build collaboration and two-way communication.
User friendly web portal

Extend Your Application Development Capabilities

Looking for more application development services? Lightwell provides application strategy, modernization, application maintenance, and more.

Whether you need technical staffing or DevOps consulting as you get your application project off the ground, we’re here to help.

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