Application Modernization Services

Bring new life to your legacy systems and applications by reducing costs, increasing connectedness and addressing usability.

(Re)build something that will last

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Legacy enterprise IT is a complicated beast. Companies grow their IT capabilities over time, adding some new systems but leaving many in place out of necessity. Given enough time, these legacy systems and applications become overly complicated given the modern needs and goals of the business.

Legacy applications may be inefficient, costly and difficult for users to take advantage of.

But building entirely new systems and applications can be a difficult pill to swallow for some enterprise teams. 

The third option — modernizing applications and systems — presents a way to leverage what exists to create something that will last. 

Bring your applications up to speed with your business goals and structure.

Your enterprise applications should facilitate your move to the cloud and your digital transformation, not stand in the way of these initiatives. We help you get your applications where they need to be.

Create New Business Value, Quickly

Not every business change requires an entirely new application. We help you identify which applications are the best candidates for enhancement or modernization.

By focusing on critical applications, our services create a path to overcoming legacy system challenges. You’ll see reduced costs, business goal support, and digital transformation faster.

Application Modernization services that support your business

Legacy applications are siloed, restrictive, and not cloud-ready. They pose security risks, high maintenance costs, and an inflexible architecture.

Modern applications are integrated, agile, and more than ready for the cloud with a user-friendly interface. That’s what we help you create.

With our application modernization services, you can develop new capabilities to support business goals and interfaces. Taken all together, these bring a ‘quick win’ in creating value. Our services include:

Full-stack development capabilities

DevOps and agile approach to new iterations

Cloud, data and automation best practices

scalable foundation

Improved performance and scalability

Reduce the burden of your outdated solution. Leverage the full potential of the cloud. Get ready for digital transformation.

Our Application Modernization approach

We work closely with our clients to create applications that are modern, agile, user-friendly, and ready for the cloud.

With no one-size-fits-all approach for application modernization, we work closely with your team to choose the best way forward. Our comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and optimized modernization process.

Application Assessment and Strategy

We assess your legacy application portfolio to determine which applications are best suited for modernization and migration to the cloud.

Based on these applications, we move forward with a gap analysis. By taking time to identify your business requirements and IT capabilities, we’re able to plan for an outcome that aligns business and IT.

Finally, we create a roadmap for the application modernization services we provide.

Planning and Consulting

With the roadmap in place, we dive deeper into your business goals, budget, and ideas. We help you make informed decisions around your modernization strategy. With a detailed plan for every step of the modernization process and a breakdown of anticipated costs and ROI, you’ll know what you’re getting into—and what you’ll get out of it.

Application Modernization

Depending on the results of the assessment, application modernization may take several different forms, including redesigning, rearchitecting, or remediation.

With modernized applications, you can capitalize on new capabilities, reduce IT maintenance costs and (best of all) deliver more business value and an improved ROI.

Extend your Application Development Capabilities

Looking for more application development services? Lightwell provides application strategy, end-to-end development, maintenance, and more.

Whether you need technical staffing or DevOps consulting as you get your application project off the ground, we’re here to help.

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