Oxford Consulting Launches New B2B in a Box Solution for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

B2B in a Box: A Turnkey, Cost-Effective Solution for Migrating to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Take the Fast Track To Benefiting from IBM Sterling B2B Integrator… Without the Speed Bumps.

After you make the decision to implement or migrate to a B2B integration solution like IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, there are some very important questions you must address, including:

  • What hardware should we use? Existing, new or preowned? How and where will we obtain the hardware?
  • Which database will we use?
  • Do we have the expertise on staff to determine the machine and components required?
  • How much time will it take to obtain all of the components and prepare them for software installation?
  • What is the impact on the project plan if the infrastructure is not ready on time or properly configured?

Now, there is a a turnkey solution to address these questions and simplify entire implementation or migration process for you: the Oxford Consulting B2B in a Box solution.

B2B in a Box from Oxford Consulting

B2B in a Box is a turnkey solution that provides you all the right essentials—including the software, hardware, services and even financing—for a fast and cost-effective migration to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.

This solution was developed based on the best practices and insights gained from hundreds of successful GIS / Sterling Integrator / IBM Sterling B2B Integrator implementations.

It is designed to eliminate many of the challenges around migrating to a new solution, while providing the essential tools to help companies get the most from the B2B Integrator solution. Learn more about the solution by following the links below.

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