Oxford Consulting Group Announces Rebranding to Lightwell

The new Lightwell name and visual identity were developed to better reflect the company’s values, customer-centric approach, and range of technology services and solutions.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (May 8, 2014):  Oxford Consulting Group, a leading provider of technology services and solutions, announced today that it has changed its name to Lightwell, effective immediately. The new name and visual identity were developed to better convey the company’s value proposition, commitment to its customers, and expansion of its technology services and solutions portfolio.

“This is a very exciting chapter in our company,” said Michelle Kerr, president of Lightwell.  “As our company turned sixteen years old this week, it’s appropriate that we are closing the chapter on Oxford Consulting Group and starting a new chapter on Lightwell. Lightwell represents our future, our next sixteen years.”

Kerr continued, “As our company has evolved into a multi-national organization with many facets and disciplines, Lightwell is much more reflective of who we are today, and the level of excellence we’re continually striving to deliver to our clients, our employees and our partners.”

Since the company’s inception over 16 years ago, it has expanded from a one-person consulting firm to a company with hundreds of professionals supporting a broad portfolio of technology services and solutions. Today, the company’s focus areas include omni-channel order management and fulfillment, e-commerce, supply chain management, EDI and B2B Integration, managed file transfer, and IT staffing.

Lightwell has assisted hundreds of companies across North America and Western Europe by implementing, managing and optimizing their technology portfolios. Its customers span many industries, and range from mid-size organizations to Global 2000 enterprises. Through its services and solutions, Lightwell enables its customers to reduce costs and complexity, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

“The name Lightwell better reflects our commitment to bringing clarity to complexity, how we bring to light innovative solutions that solve problems and add real value, and how we help our customers achieve their visions and goals—today and over the long term—by illuminating the path to success,” said Lori Angalich, vice president of marketing at Lightwell. “Lightwell is who we are, and what we do.”

The new name is coupled with a vivid new logo and visual identity that represents the company’s positive progression.

“Our new name and visual identity is based on the concept of an architectural lightwell, which is an aperture in a building that draws light and air down into an otherwise-dark area ,” said Angalich. “We believe that this is fitting for our company because we strive to shed light on solutions to complex business problems, provide increased clarity for our customers, and enable them to thrive in an exceptionally challenging business environment.”

“Our new logo’s design is a resolution of complex components and patterns that represent how we help companies interconnect and reduce complexity—within their enterprise and across their value chains,” Angalich continued. “Its ‘starlight’ design and brilliant colors also represent illumination and innovation, which are at the foundation of our company.”

In conjunction with the announcement, the company has launched its new website at https://www.lightwellinc.com, and has rebranded its marketing collateral. Its Oxford Consulting Group website address will repoint to the new website, effective immediately. The company’s current social media profiles will be changed to reflect the rebranding as well.

The company has also posted a video about the new name and brand on its home page, featuring members of its leadership team and employees across the North America and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, extensive outreach to customers, partners and contractors is planned to inform them of the change and showcase the company’s new identity.

“This process has been an opportunity to reevaluate who we are and what’s important to us—and our commitment to providing superior solutions and quality services has not changed,” said Adam Heeter, CEO of Lightwell. “It’s brought a renewed passion and confidence in what we do, and we’re excited about what we can bring to our customers in the future.”

About Lightwell Inc.

Lightwell, formerly known as Oxford Consulting Group develops and implements technology solutions that answer critical business challenges. They serve businesses across North America and Western Europe that have a desire to more effectively interconnect and manage information for optimal business performance. Their technology services and solutions—including B2B integration, e-commerce, order management, supply chain management, and IT staffing—enable cost reduction, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.  Lightwell is headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, with two offices in the United Kingdom and satellite offices across North America. Visit https://www.lightwellinc.com to learn more, or contact them directly at (614) 310-2700 in North America or +44 (0) 845 226 0979 in Europe.