Lightwell Announces New B2B Managed Services Offerings

Leading technology solutions provider is now offering multiple levels of managed services and hosting options for B2B Integration, EDI and Managed File Transfer. 

Westerville, Ohio (June 17, 2014) — To help companies mitigate the growing complexity of managing business-to-business (B2B) processes and communications, Lightwell announced that it is now offering four levels of managed services for B2B integration, EDI and Managed File Transfer.  The new B2B Managed Services offerings provide companies the flexibility to outsource all or a portion of their B2B integration and/or file transfer operations to Lightwell, while also enabling them to adjust their service level and deployment model as needs change.

Companies that automate B2B processes and collaborate effectively with their customers, suppliers, and partners can gain significant competitive advantages. Beyond transactional cost savings, they benefit from higher gross margins, faster time-to-revenue, lower inventory costs, and higher customer satisfaction.

Yet many companies face barriers to achieving these benefits, including:

  • Insufficient technology resources
  • Lack of required skills and expertise in-house
  • A substantial backlog of projects
  • Limitations of old or outdated technologies
  • An internal IT staff that is overwhelmed with other priorities
  • Challenges onboarding and managing a large and diverse business partner community
Stephen Houk Lightwell
Stephen Houk, Director of IBM Solutions at Lightwell

“Today, companies have an ever-growing need to support new technologies, onboard new business partners, increase service levels, and improve security,” said Stephen Houk, Director of IBM Solutions at Lightwell. “But the reality is that many don’t have the time, resources, or infrastructure available to address these demands.”

Lightwell’s B2B Managed Services offerings are designed to help companies optimize their EDI, B2B integration and/or managed file transfer operations and benefits while significantly reducing the burden on their internal resources. They combine high-quality services and support with industry-leading software and infrastructure, providing companies comprehensive and scalable options to meet their needs now and in the future.

Whether a company requires only a few skilled resources to complete a project, needs full management of their on-premise solution, or wishes to outsource the management and hosting of their entire B2B environment; Lightwell’s offerings are designed to accommodate any of these scenarios.

Through B2B Managed Services, companies will benefit from Lightwell’s decades of experience with B2B integration and Managed File Transfer solutions, as well as best-in-class technology capabilities through Lightwell’s partnerships. Furthermore, leveraging Lightwell’s proprietary tools, companies will gain extensive visibility, control and reporting for their environment, ensuring they have the important information they need when they need it.

“The beauty of our managed services offerings is that companies can turn over management of all or part of their B2B operations to our experienced team—without fear of losing visibility or control of their solution,” continued Houk.  “And whether they need our help managing their existing B2B integration solution or a new one, on-premise at their facility or fully hosted at ours, we are happy to accommodate them.”

Core elements of the Lightwell B2B Managed Services offerings include:

In addition, Lightwell offers a variety of implementation, support and B2B trading partner management options to accommodate a company’s specific needs.

Companies that leverage Lightwell’s B2B Managed Services gain a cost-effective, customizable alternative to managing their EDI, B2B integration and file transfer operations in-house or through a software vendor, while alleviating the burden on their internal staff. They can expect to benefit from:

  • Lower IT infrastructure and internal resource costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved customer and trading partner relationships
  • Greater scalability to support growth
  • Faster response to changing supply and demand

For more information about Lightwell’s B2B Managed Services, please view the video below.

About Lightwell

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