Lightwell Announces its 2015 Lightwell Academy for IT Consultants

Lightwell will host an information session about the paid technology training program and IT consulting career opportunities on June 18, 2015 at its Dublin, Ohio headquarters.

Lightwell Academy for B2B Integration ConsultantsThe team at Lightwell is pleased to announce that it is hosting its Lightwell Academy again in 2015.  The purpose of the Academy is to open the door for new IT career opportunities, while developing the technology skills required to address the needs of today’s enterprises – specifically in the area of B2B integration.

Through the Academy, Lightwell will provide extensive training on IBM B2B integration solutions, helping new consultants to get up and running, develop their skills, and gain critical experience through hands-on projects.  Graduates will become part of Lightwell’s highly successful B2B integration consulting team, assisting a wide variety of companies with their technology initiatives.

It’s a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in exploring new IT consulting career opportunities, whether they are fairly new to IT consulting or have years of technology experience.

Those interested are invited to attend an information session about the Academy at Lightwell’s Dublin, Ohio headquarters on June 18, 2015 at 6:30 pm.  During this event, attendees will learn about career opportunities in B2B integration consulting, and learn what it’s like to be a B2B integration consultant – while also enjoying dinner from Chipotle.  This event will be hosted with assistance from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and

Please visit the website to learn more and register for the session – or read on for even more information.

Why B2B integration, and what does a B2B integration consultants do?

Lightwell’s B2B integration consultants help clients all over the world to automate business processes by designing, developing, troubleshooting, and performance tuning data maps – primarily through IBM software. These data maps provide the translation key for data as it transfers between trading partners (think purchase order info, inventory info, shipping status info, payment info, for example).

B2B integration consultants help businesses get up and running on the right software for their processes, as a team member on client engagements, and independently to meet project deadlines.

Learn more about Lightwell’s line of work below, as well as careers at Lightwell on our site.

Sample Tasks for B2B Integration Consultants

It can be a long process to get businesses up and running which essentially includes:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Figuring out what software solution will work best
  • Mapping out current business processes that need to be fixed or enhanced
  • Figuring out the new software solution would handle those processes, and what would change for the client
  • Helping the client use the software, and sticking around while the client gets used to using it and has questions along the way

Consultants get folded into the work by supporting one or all of those project milestones.

Basic Qualifications

  • No directly-related experience is necessary to participate in the Lightwell Academy, although 1-2 years of work experience is preferred – just to pick up the culture of working in a professional setting.
  • Lightwell consultants must be comfortable talking in a professional setting with clients across the world.
  • Our consultants must also  have some familiarity – whether intuitively or formally learned – about business functions and the varied and various needs for EDI – makes things (like the IBM software) a little easier to pick up
  • Lightwell consultants must be comfortable picking up new software services, and explaining their use and/or figuring out how to respond to new questions and problems.
  • Our consultants will write and communicate on a daily basis to keep track of integration projects, so consultants must be able to pick up the ability to write and interpret technical and business requirements for specific projects
  • Our consultants will need to have some familiarity with tech/programming concepts such as FTP, Object-oriented programming languages like .Net and Java, operating systems like Windows, Linux or Unix

B2B Integration Consulting Training

To get consultants up and running and feeling confident before any client project, we send new hires through an extensive training on the IBM technology stack, provide hands-on projects to test out new skills, and assign a Lightwell mentor. The initial training period is three months.


Travel is a big part of this role.  Lightwell B2B Integration clients are all across the country. Consultants should plan for up to about 70% travel. The nice thing is that this makes working remotely a main-stay with Lightwell associates.


Lightwell provides a competitive salary with a comprehensive benefits package which includes, but is not limited to, paid time off, medical, dental and 401k.

About Lightwell’s Line of Work

Every day businesses must be able to use data (just think about a simple purchase and all the information that transaction holds – purchase price, quantity, product ID, etc), and transfer and translate that data accurately across systems within their own walls, and among businesses outside their walls. Ensuring this happens accurately and smoothly is critical to their success.

Even though it can be intuitive, it’s also still a rather complex process to ensure accurate and smooth data interchanges. Technology vendors like IBM provides software designed to help companies automate business process and exchange data electronically (via EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange) , but setting it all up requires careful planning and expertise. That’s where Lightwell comes in: Lightwell is a consulting firm focused on helping client companies implement and get the most benefit from this software.

Lightwell primarily works with technologies leaders IBM and NetSuite to provide solutions for EDI and B2B integration, e-commerce and omnichannel commerce, supply chain management, managed file transfer, enterprise resource management, customer relationship management.

Interested in Lightwell Academy? Visit our page on to register today!