Integration Architecture Framework

Building Best-In-Class Integration Capabilities

Ensuring Agility in the Face of Change

As today’s businesses require greater application diversity and faster time-to-value, efficient integration becomes critical.

How does IT remain agile and maintain this essential competency?  At Lightwell, our architects approach this challenge with an Integration Architecture Framework, helping to align people, process, and technology while improving agility and efficiency.

What is an Integration Architecture Framework?

Lightwell has successfully planned and implemented a wide variety of integration projects. In fact, our team holds over 130 technical certifications, and have helped many companies grow their internal capabilities with our expertise.

We have consolidated that knowledge into a framework that aligns people, process, and technology to efficiently meet the goals of the organization.

Integration Architecture Framework

We quickly establish the capabilities needed for successful integration and then help our clients build out an overall competency over time using proven assets and tools.

Our framework includes quick start assets for designs, standards, and patterns, and code templates to shorten delivery time.

The framework is used to build a roadmap for developing the capabilities and agility that companies need. This approach ensures that clients build best-in-class integration capabilities and can be agile and adjust to meet changing business needs.

Get Started with Our Integration Architecture Framework

To inquire about the Integration Architecture Framework and how it can help your organization, contact Lightwell and we’ll connect you with one of our experts.