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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data and Applications

Today’s advanced Integration and Application Programming Interface (API) technologies have enabled companies across all industries to create new business opportunities, improve products and services, transform operations, develop innovative business models, and gain competitive advantages.

Through our partnerships with top technology companies—including IBM, MuleSoft, and Apigee—we help our customers achieve these tremendous benefits and more.

Our experienced team assists companies in overcoming their most challenging connectivity requirements, enabling them to connect data, devices, and applications anywhere.

Building upon extensive expertise in both Enterprise Architecture and Integration, we help them build a future-proof platform that scales and adapts to meet current and future needs and initiatives—including cloud, analytics, omnichannel, AI, Big Data, IoT, and mobile.

We can assess their integration capabilities, helping organizations understand, evaluate, strategize, and optimize their end-to-end Integration capabilities. With a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, needs, and goals, we help them develop a practical roadmap and effective integration strategy.

We also help them design an effective Integration Architecture, leveraging our proven Integration Architecture Framework, enabling them to align people, process, and technology for achieving their goals.

Furthermore, leveraging industry-leading integration solutions, we help them protect their business and reduce risk by securing their connections, APIs, networks, and data transfers as well.

With these fundamentals in place, we focus on helping them to create, innovate, and excel through Integration and APIs. Our team helps organizations design and build new APIs, develop new interfaces for existing APIs, and apply tools and best practices for managing all APIs more efficiently.

Furthermore, our integration consultants help them connect and expose enterprise data to mobile devices, cloud applications, analytics platforms, and connected devices—quickly and in a secure and controlled manner.

As a result, companies can unleash the value of their data, and achieve unprecedented speed, agility, and flexibility for driving business growth.

Our Comprehensive Integration Services

Over the last two decades, we have helped many companies improve integration and connectivity, reduce complexity, automate processes, and gain greater visibility. 

Whether you need help developing an integration strategy,  are just getting started, or need to enhance your current integration technology implementation—we can help. We offer flexible, comprehensive services to help our clients get the most from their investments.

Integration consulting services

Here are some of the ways we can help you with your API and integration initiatives:

Integration Assessments and Strategy

  • Performing a comprehensive integration assessment, exploring your integration needs, capabilities, challenges, and goals
  • Developing a practical roadmap for integration and digital transformation
  • Creating an effective integration strategy, aligned with your business goals
  • Providing guidance around best practices and how to avoid pitfalls
  • Designing a scalable, future-ready integration architecture,  leveraging our proven Integration Architecture Framework
  • Determining whether a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid integration solution is right for you
  • Determining where APIs and integration can enhance your current systems, data, and processes

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Integration Solution Implementation, Management, and Development Services

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Ensuring Your Integration Success

We provide a wide range of complementary services to ensure your success including:

  • Optimizing your integration architecture as part of your overall Enterprise Architecture program
  • Reducing complexity of your overall applications and integrations through Application Portfolio Optimization
  • Assisting you in planning and executing a comprehensive integration and digital transformation initiative, leveraging our proven Strategic Initiative Planning methodology
  • Providing change management services to ensure rapid adoption
  • Providing post-implementation support services and optimization
  • Improving data integration and access for BI and analytics, enabling more real-time, actionable insight from more data sources than ever before

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