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We’ll help you enable an efficient, intelligent, and agile supply chain to optimize performance, exceed customer expectations, and drive down costs and risk.

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Conquer supply chain complexity to raise performance to new levels.

There’s no question that the challenges today’s supply chains must overcome are extreme. Supply chain leaders must not only navigate the waves of disruption and chaos caused by the global pandemic – but they must also address so much complexity while striving to improve performance, meet customer expectations, and keep costs under control.

Common challenges you may be facing include:

  • Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex.
  • There’s more data than ever – but most of it can’t be leveraged effectively.
  • Customer expectations for seamless, flawless experiences continue to rise.
  • Data silos are everywhere, creating barriers to success.
  • Speed is essential, but your current technologies and processes aren’t keeping up.
  • The number, diversity, and sophistication of your B2B partners continue to grow.
  • You must maximize your existing IT investments but need new technology as well.

You have more partners in more places using different types of technology. Your supply chain continues to grow and evolve quickly, and you may be expanding your supply chain with partners in more geographies across the world. However, connecting with these partners can be a lengthy and challenging process, leading to delays in generating revenue.

To overcome this, you must be able to support communication with a wide variety of technologies and partners, and fast connectivity and onboarding are essential.

In the Path to a Thinking Supply Chain report, IDC reported that the amount of data available to supply chains was 50 times greater than just five years earlier. The relentless stream of structured and unstructured information can be expected to increase exponentially in volume and complexity, as IoT and other data sources continue to come online.

Many companies struggle to manage and leverage this data effectively. But being able to do so can have a tremendous impact on operations. It’s critical to improve the way you access, manage, and analyze data through modern processes and tools. 

Customers expect to get the products they want, when and how they want them. They want real-time visibility into inventory, flexible fulfillment options, and competitive pricing. They expect personalized service and frequent, timely updates. With so many channels, systems, suppliers, carriers, and locations involved – it’s extremely challenging to meet these expectations.

Yet doing so is critical to winning and retaining customers.  Better integration, visibility, and omnichannel capabilities play a critical role in delivering the experiences customers expect – whichever industry you’re in.

Data silos aren’t only within your organization but across your supply chain as well. Lack of integration between systems, data sources, and partners creates visibility challenges around your transactions and processes. Without visibility into what’s happening, managers can’t identify emerging issues or take action to prevent disruption. Poor integration also results in incomplete and unreliable reporting, leading to sub-optimal decision-making processes.

Effective integration is critical to eliminating these silos and generating actionable insights for improving business outcomes.

With an onslaught of information bombarding your organization and the relentless impact of changes in the marketplace – you need to understand what’s happening and react quickly. That means identifying problems early in the process, determining the best course of action, and deploying the solution without delay. However, many traditional supply chain processes and the legacy systems that support them just can’t keep up. 

Achieving this level of agility requires modernizing outdated legacy systems, integrations, and processes – while also harnessing the power of analytics, AI, and cloud-based technologies.

Your larger partners may be more sophisticated, connected, and operating with the newest available technology. However, many of your smaller partners may be functioning with slow, error-prone manual processes. This is costly and time-consuming for you and for them, and it creates challenges around visibility, agility, and responsiveness. Yet these smaller suppliers are very important to you despite the high cost of doing business with them.

To improve overall performance, you must streamline and integrate these manual B2B processes, leveraging modern technologies and approaches.

Your company has made huge investments in implementing and maintain your current technologies. Yet to optimize your supply chain performance, you know you must tap into newer, innovative technologies that are SaaS or cloud-based. Ripping and replacing what you have to leverage them is cost-prohibitive and disruptive to operations.

So, how can you make the most of what you have while tapping into these newer technologies?  You’ll need to select the right technologies that are compatible with your current systems, modernize your legacy systems to work with them, and ensure all of your technologies can scale and evolve as your business needs require.

Overcome supply chain challenges to achieve optimal outcomes.

To improve performance, meet customer expectations, and drive down costs and risk, it’s critical to overcome these challenges. You must establish a foundation for greater efficiency, speed, productivity, and agility. This means:

Tearing down silos

and enabling critical information flows.

Connecting all the right systems,

channels, data sources, and devices seamlessly through effective integration.

connect integrate
Digitizing and automating supply chain processes

to improve visibility and efficiency.

Optimizing your data

by accessing, managing, and analyzing it more effectively.

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Enabling seamless customer experiences

across all channels and meeting expectations for fast, flawless services.

360 degree view
Improving B2B connectivity and collaboration,

ensuring more effective communication with partners, suppliers, and customers.

Gaining clear and actionable, real-time insights

for making faster, more informed decisions, and driving better outcomes.

ai advanced technologies
Harnessing the power of innovative AI, cloud, and analytics technologies,

while getting the most from your current IT investments.

Through our extensive supply chain solutions and services, we’re here to help you achieve these capabilities and more.

Comprehensive services and solutions to optimize supply chain performance.

With expertise spanning supply chain, integration and APIs, enterprise architecture, B2B integration, data analytics, and more: our team will help you enable an intelligent, agile, and responsive supply chain that scales with your organization and adapts to changing expectations and demands.

Achieve unprecedented visibility

We’ll help you accelerate collaboration with your suppliers and partners, connect critical data and systems, predict and prevent disruptions, and gain unprecedented visibility and insight. Through AI and advanced analytics capabilities, we’ll help you leverage all types of data more effectively to improve business outcomes.

Your team will be empowered with actionable insights to predict future disruptions, move with agility to prevent them, and identify improvement opportunities. In addition, our team can also help you modernize your outdated supply chain technologies and processes that are holding you back.

By working with us, you’ll achieve unprecedented visibility, optimize supply chain performance, improve profitability, and strengthen your relationships.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Accelerate your digital supply chain transformation.
  • Achieve fast, seamless B2B integration with all of your partners.
  • Promote better partner collaboration and performance.
  • Enable end-to-end visibility across your transactions and processes.
  • Gain real-time inventory visibility and optimize inventory utilization.
  • Improve how you collect, manage, and analyze supply chain data.
  • Leverage AI and analytics to think, learn, and act much faster.
  • Empower business and IT teams with the right information when they need it.
  • Improve how you manage and monitor your supply chain for better outcomes.
  • Harness the power of the cloud to optimize your supply chain.

Leverage our team’s expertise and industry-leading supply chain solutions to enable an intelligent, digital supply chain. We’ll help you:

  • Achieve a clear and comprehensive understanding of your needs, goals, and capabilities
  • Design an agile enterprise architecture that will meet your current and future needs
  • Develop your digital transformation strategy
  • Digitize transactions with your supply chain partners
  • Automate key processes
  • Manage and monitor transactions more effectively
  • Predict and prevent disruptions that could affect your performance

Explore our digital supply chain solutions.

By improving integration with your B2B partners, large and small, you’ll collaborate and transact quickly and efficiently. And by onboarding new partners without delay, you can realize the benefits of your relationship faster. Our team will help you:

  • Connect with your business partners quickly and securely
  • Digitize and automate manual processes with ease
  • Share real-time visibility and transaction status with your B2B partners
  • Onboard and manage partners efficiently

Through these capabilities, you’ll strengthen relationships with your partners, improve collaboration, and help them become more productive and profitable.

Explore our B2B integration solutions.

Learn about our small partner automation solutions.

With the right tools in place, you can shift B2B partner relationships from tactical to strategic and propel partner performance from acceptable to exceptional. We’ll help you:

  • Avoid supply chain risks and disruptions by monitoring partner performance
  • Protect brand reputation by aligning partner KPIs and SLAs
  • Segment and rank partners in line with organization expectations
  • Create contracts based on past performance, establish common goals, and improve trust.

Explore our B2B collaboration and connectivity solutions.

Visibility is the foundation of supply chain optimization. What you can’t see, you can’t manage. When you digitize supply chain transactions, you can benefit from real-time visibility. Visibility empowers more of your stakeholders to manage and optimize transactions and processes. It also your company to unleash the power of predictability and timely action. 

Solutions like the IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions and the Lightwell Visibility Portal enable an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and insight across your critical information and systems.  They inform and empower a variety of stakeholders with accurate and timely information and help you get more value from your supply chain data.  You’ll gain insights for optimizing your processes and operations, improve productivity and efficiency across your organization, and deliver faster and more responsive service to enhance satisfaction.  

Explore our supply chain visibility and insights solutions.

We’ll help you optimize inventory with comprehensive visibility and up-to-the-minute insights across all your channels and locations. By integrating data from all your suppliers, sources, distribution, and sales channels – we’ll enable you to view and monitor your supply and demand, shift inventory when and where it’s needed most, and analyze data to make predictions about future requirements.

With a complete and real-time view of your inventory, your company can respond quickly to change and get the greatest value from your inventory – increasing sales without increasing SKUs.

Learn about inventory visibility solutions.

Your organization manages an overwhelming amount of data from internal and external sources, including data from business partners and customers, weather, and social media data. The more data you collect and analyze effectively, the better your decisions and your performance will be.

Our experienced data analytics team can help you improve the collection, transformation, integration, and visibility of data – inside and outside your organization. You’ll improve decision-making and outcomes with higher quality, accurate, and reliable data as your foundation.

Learn how we optimize data and insights.

Supply chain leaders everywhere are aggressively adopting technologies that apply Artificial Intelligence, cognitive, machine learning, and analytics. These technologies are bringing a new level of visibility and insights into supply chain processes, helping to performance and business outcomes.

Solutions powered by AI can analyze data much faster and more effectively to predict outcomes and prevent problems that might not be revealed in manual processes. They can also greatly increase efficiency: an AI-powered digital B2B network can retrieve order and transactional data up to 90% faster than traditional methods.  

AI tools can analyze and learn from massive amounts of data to unlock valuable information that’s within it. They can examine and analyze weather conditions, inventory levels, social trends, news, shipping delays, border crossing times, and numerous other factors that could impact your supply chain. They can generate clear and timely insights, guide decisions, and recommend the best actions.

We’ll help your company leverage these AI-powered solutions to:

  • Increase accuracy in planning order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes
  • Better understand risks and take steps to mitigate them
  • Prepare for the future by spotting patterns and trends
  • Monitor transactions, performance, trends, and more for better-informed decisions.
  • Gain a greater return on investment by acting upon better information.

With the help of AI, you’ll not only capitalize on supply chain data that was previously untapped – but you’ll gain better insights faster for making more informed decisions, avoiding disruptions, optimizing processes, and improving outcomes. Your stakeholders will act quickly and with confidence based on more real-time information, helping to enhance B2B partner relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and create competitive advantages.

Discover how we enable an intelligent supply chain.

Various stakeholders across the organization need fast access to accurate, current information and reports that they may not have today. Unfortunately, they must often rely on IT staff to research the information and generate reports for them. This creates delays and dissatisfaction that can prove costly and leads to many missed improvement opportunities.

Through a variety of services and solutions, including our Lightwell Visibility Portal and IBM Supply Chain Insights, we’ll help make the right supply chain information visible and accessible to those who need it, when they need it. Business and IT users can quickly research and answer questions, view valuable insights, resolve issues faster, and make better decisions. Here’s how:

  • Providing self-service, role-based access to users in various departments throughout your organization.
  • Empowering customer service, accounting, sales, and marketing with up-to-date information about supply chain transactions and partners – without requiring intervention from the IT team.
  • Providing highly-configurable, individualized dashboards that deliver actionable business and technical insights the way your business users and decision-makers want to see it.
  • Using natural language to empower line-of-business teams with a simple understanding of the health and performance of supply chain processes.
  • Enabling quick handoffs between business and technical teams when an additional in-depth investigation is required.

As a result, your business users will be more productive, efficient, and provide better service –while your IT team can free up time to focus on more strategic projects.

Explore our supply chain visibility and insights solutions.

Your ability to quickly understand, analyze, and act on information protects your company, improves operations, and generates competitive advantages. By optimizing your data, improving reporting processes, and gaining clear and actionable insights, our solutions help you:

  • Detect, prevent, and remedy anomalies in your supply chain quickly
  • Recognize and capitalize on trends to gain competitive advantages
  • Reduce risk and avoid disruption through predictive insights based on comprehensive, real-time internal and external data
  • Improve governance by streamlining management and monitoring of processes and data
  • Ensure SLAs are met by developing and monitoring KPIs via real-time dashboards
  • Understand precisely what’s needed to fine-tune operations and performance
  • Empower business users, technical managers, and partners with actionable insights to help them drive better outcomes

By working with our team, you’ll bridge the gap between supply chain planning and execution and between issue identification and action. The result is better performance and partnerships that are built on a foundation of transparency and trust.

Explore our supply chain visibility and insights solutions.

Cloud solutions can not only provide better reliability and security; they can also deliver better performance over on-premises solutions. New and innovative applications are constantly being developed and deployed on the cloud, on which you can capitalize to improve your supply chain. Moving to the cloud can also offer financial benefits – such as moving from CapEx associated with operating your own platform to OpEx that can be adjusted as needs change.

Through comprehensive cloud services and solutions, we can assist you with your cloud migration and capitalize on the benefits of cloud technologies to optimize supply chain performance.

Learn how we help you move to the cloud.

Discover how we help you unleash the power of the cloud.

Your supply chain plays a critical role in your company’s success.

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Our team has decades of experience helping companies improve their integration and supply chain processes. By combining our expertise with the powerful solutions of our partners, we’ll help you achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively. 

Let us help you navigate your way to a modernized, efficient, and intelligent supply chain.

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