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Migrate your on-premise systems to the cloud with confidence. Our comprehensive cloud services will help you unleash the benefits of the cloud—from strategy to transformation to cloud managed services.

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Overcome the barriers to successful
cloud transformation.

The cloud plays a strategic role in digital business, enabling new capabilities and innovative experiences while addressing common IT constraints – including resource limitations, maintenance costs, performance, scalability, and more. While moving to the cloud offers many potential benefits, the process can be tricky.

Companies struggle to achieve their cloud transformation goals for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Lack of a clear cloud strategy, creating a disconnect between different parts of the organization.
  • Lack of understanding around how their applications, processes, and organization will be impacted by a move to the cloud.
  • Organizational expectations for the cloud don’t align with the ability to execute.
  • A dependence on multiple, critical applications that aren’t cloud-ready.
  • Complex, rigid point-to-point integrations between a variety of systems.
  • Confusion resulting from a growing number of cloud offerings and vendors.
  • Lack of awareness of cloud migration risks and or plans to mitigate disruption.
  • Current IT governance processes that don’t adapt well to the more dynamic nature of the cloud.

Attempting to migrate a smattering of applications to the cloud without a plan won’t cut it and puts your company at risk.

To ensure a successful cloud migration initiative, your organization must understand the impact and risks, have a solid cloud migration strategy in place, have the resources available for transforming and migrating your applications for the cloud, and have the capabilities integrate your cloud applications with your on-premise environments. 

Let us guide you through your cloud migration journey.

Our experienced team can provide the expertise, capabilities, and technologies you need for successful cloud migration and transformation. Leveraging skills from across a wide range of technology and business disciplines – including Enterprise Architecture, application development, integration, omnichannel, supply chain, cloud, and data analytics – we’ll help you evaluate, plan, and execute your cloud migration.

Through partnerships with cloud leaders—including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and more — we’ll ensure an efficient and cost-effective cloud migration approach and environment ideal for your needs and goals. We’ll help you avoid disruption, ensure seamless integration between your on-premises and cloud applications, and optimize your cloud solutions going forward. 

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Developing your cloud strategy

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Transforming your solutions for the cloud

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Migrating your applications to the cloud

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Digitizing and automating key processes for the cloud

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Migrating your applications to the cloud

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Ensuring seamless connectivity between your cloud and on-premise systems

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Enabling end-to-end visibility and insights across your environments

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Facilitating the transformation of processes and culture

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Managing your solutions in the cloud

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Analyzing and optimizing your outcomes

From strategy to implementation to monitoring ongoing performance, our experts will partner with you throughout your cloud migration journey, ensuring you reap the benefits of increased agility, responsiveness, scalability, innovation, and differentiation. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Develop and execute a solid cloud strategy.

Our Enterprise Architecture consulting services provide the foundation, roadmap, and partnership you need to achieve successful cloud transformation. We’ll help you understand the impact and risks associated with cloud migration, explore all aspects of what needs to be done, and achieve alignment across your organization. Based on an in-depth understanding of your needs, goals, and capabilities, we’ll help you develop a solid cloud strategy that enables you to optimize business value throughout your cloud migration and beyond.   

  • Assess your cloud readiness
  • Identify which applications should be prioritized for the cloud
  • Understand your integration needs
  • Develop a cloud strategy
  • Develop a cloud migration roadmap for applications, integrations, and infrastructure
  • Streamline your processes for the cloud
  • Increase stakeholder engagement and adoption

We perform an extensive cloud capability analysis to determine your cloud readiness and explore which cloud-enabling technologies you’ll need to achieve cloud transformation.

We’ll perform a cloud migration assessment to determine which applications and workflows should be prioritized for the cloud, which should be rebuilt, and which should be retired. You’ll know which have the highest strategic cloud value and a strong ROI.

We’ll assess your cloud integration capabilities, determine if and how they’ll support cloud transformation, and recommend new integrations where gaps exist.

Based on our understanding, we’ll create a comprehensive cloud strategy based on your needs and goals.

We outline an actionable, detailed roadmap that ensures your cloud migration activities align with your goals and capabilities through the project and in the years to come. We’ll provide a detailed plan for every step of the migration and transformation process. Your organization will have a clear understanding of priorities, resources, costs, and ROI, helping to keep everyone in sync.

We’ll explore how best to accelerate and automate processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase efficiency leveraging modern technologies and approaches.

We’ll help you discover how a move to the cloud will enable and support your workforce while facilitating adoption and cultural change across the enterprise. Our Enterprise Architects will also help you communicate the benefits and impact of cloud migration to your stakeholders.

Define and coordinate your optimal cloud architecture.

Having a sound cloud architecture is critical for both short-term and long-term success. We’ll help you gain an in-depth understanding of your current architecture and create a strategic plan to optimize it for the cloud. Working closely with your team, we’ll design a cloud architecture that addresses a wide variety of functions and considerations.

  • Our cloud architects help to address:
  • Infrastructure and operations
  • External hosting and partnerships
  • Cloud and SaaS solutions
  • Application development
  • Integrations
  • Security, privacy, and compliance
  • Visibility and governance
  • User experience
  • Data and analytics

Migrate your existing applications to the cloud with confidence.

Our experienced team provides end-to-end services to ensure successful application modernization and migrations of your existing applications to the cloud. We bring extensive application developmentDevOps, and infrastructure experience to execute your migration strategy, whichever is best for your organization. Our proven processes and frameworks will help both ensure a smooth migration and create an environment for managing and optimizing your applications in the cloud.

Working together, our solution consultants, cloud architects, and application development team will help you:

  • Determine the specific capabilities needed for successful modernization and transformation
  • Create a prioritized plan
  • Execute the right cloud migration approach
  • Migrate your key solutions to the cloud

We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your specific application requirements and conduct a gap analysis to determine the cloud capabilities needed to meet your goals. We’ll also explore opportunities for growth and optimization for your applications in the cloud.

We leverage our proven process and frameworks to create a detailed, prioritized plan that will help you achieve greater benefits faster, keep costs in check, and make the most of your resources.

We’ll help you execute the right approach to modernization and transformation, whether it involves re-platforming, redesigning, rearchitecting, remediating, or refactoring your applications.

With long-term partnerships and deep expertise around numerous enterprise solutions, our team will ensure a smooth migration to the cloud. Whether private cloud, public cloud, or SaaS is right for you, we’ll support your needs. Our expertise includes leveraging the cloud for the following solutions and more:

Transform your applications for the cloud and develop new, cloud-native applications.

We’ll help you reimagine, redesign, and transform solutions for the cloud. You’ll achieve the functionality you envision while increasing elasticity, scale, and resiliency. Our experienced team offers comprehensive, full-stack application development capabilities, best practices captured over decades, extensive DevOps expertise, and more. We’ll enhance your applications to be more modern, agile, user-friendly, and ready for the cloud. In addition, we’ll develop new capabilities and even new cloud-native applications that support your goals.

Our application development team will help you:

  • Modernize your applications for the cloud
  • Develop new capabilities
  • Modernize UX and UI
  • Develop for web and mobile
  • Create new, cloud-native applications
  • Maintain and support your cloud applications
  • Leverage a DevOps approach

We provide a completely customized approach to application modernization, rooted in both your current capabilities and future plans.  We offer end-to-end development services to design, build, deploy, manage, and support your modernized, cloud-ready solution.

Through our comprehensive application development services, we’ll develop new capabilities that capitalize on the benefits of cloud technology, enable more functions, and build interfaces that bring a ‘quick win’ in creating value.

Our UI and UX developers and designers will help you create the modern, compelling experience you envision and that your end-users want.

We’ll develop web portals and mobile applications that are fast and responsive, helping you meet customer and partner expectations.

Based on your goals, we’ll develop cloud-native applications specific to your requirements and capabilities, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on the unique capabilities of the cloud.

We can become an extension of your team, providing you with the skills that you need to support and optimize your cloud applications.

Our team can help you transform your development processes with DevOps capabilities. Our DevOps consultants will help you accelerate development, automate processes, build higher quality applications, and improve time-to-market—while guiding your organization through a successful DevOps transformation.

Optimize your cloud integration capabilities.

Properly integrating cloud solutions into your unique business structure requires significant planning and proficiency. Leveraging decades of integration experience, we provide a full range of integration services to ensure your on-premise and cloud applications communicate seamlessly through scalable, secure, and flexible integrations. Through world-class integration solutions, we’ll help you overcome integration complexities and enable your organization to accelerate deployment, streamline management, ensure security, and establish a future-proof architecture.

  • Develop a cloud integration strategy and roadmap
  • Provide cloud integration recommendations
  • Provide quick start assets
  • Unlock business data and assets
  • Overcome integration complexity
  • Integrate legacy, SaaS, and cloud-based applications seamlessly
  • Unlock legacy system assets securely
  • Reduce maintenance and management costs
  • Enable pervasive integration

We perform an in-depth assessment of your current state, uncovering potential integration issues.  From there, we’ll develop a detailed, actionable plan customized to your needs. We help you identify and develop the specific integration capabilities needed to achieve your goals.

We’ll provide a high-level approach for integration standards, patterns, events, and scalability, and help you create an effective team for managing and optimizing your cloud integration capabilities.

To jumpstart your cloud integration initiatives, we provide logical designs and code templates to shorten initial delivery time.

Unlock business data and assets as APIs, turning data stores into sources of value, and enabling new revenue opportunities.

We’ll help eliminate the need for rigid point-to-point integrations and streamline integration with modern integration solutions that increase flexibility, agility, and scalability.

Connect legacy systems to modern endpoints – such as SaaS applications, cloud solutions, and mobile apps – quickly and easily with integration solutions that offer pre-built connectors, templates, as well as easy drag-and-drop development tools.

Protect legacy system data from unauthorized access with a secure-by-design integration platform. Protect your business from security risks and the massive impact of data breaches.

Simplify integration and application maintenance by eliminating brittle point-to-point integrations to legacy systems and leveraging a unified management console for all of your integrations. 

Through our integration services and solutions, we’ll help you seamlessly integrate business data and processes, involving application-to-application (A2A), business-to-business (B2B), cloud services, mobile apps, and Internet of Things (IoT) integration.

Plan and accelerate your cloud data migration.

Our experienced consultants will help you accelerate your cloud data migration and harness the benefits of migrating data to the cloud. We partner with you to help develop a data strategy and guide you on a path that brings you the biggest value – with the smallest interruption to your workflows. We’ll help you evaluate the best data analytics technologies, models, and architectures – including hybrid solutions. Our experts will help you to organize and migrate your data to the cloud, implement and manage your cloud applications and data warehouse solutions, and ensure seamless integration between them wherever they reside.  In addition, leveraging our proven frameworks, tools, and knowledge of best practices, we’ll help you optimize your data analytics solutions and processes to realize the full benefits of the cloud.

  • Our data analytics team will help you:
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the data you have and use cases
  • Evaluate your cloud data readiness
  • Develop and implement a cloud data strategy and roadmap
  • Build a business case, including the costs, risk, and business impact of a cloud migration
  • Define your cloud data architecture
  • Catalog your data assets
  • Evaluate and select cloud data analytics technologies
  • Migrate data analytics applications to the cloud
  • Develop and implement cloud data analytics solutions, including data warehousing, business intelligence, custom dashboards, advanced analytics, and more
  • Integrate data sources in the cloud
  • Ensure data quality and security in the cloud
  • Manage and optimize your data analytics solutions in the cloud
  • Train users and operations teams
  • Manage and support your cloud data analytics solutions

Manage and optimize your applications in the cloud.

Our work doesn’t stop once the application goes live. Our team ensures that your new and revised applications are working as expected, systems are performing optimally, and that your team has the training and support it needs. We provide Cloud Managed Services for a variety of applications, where our expert resources can manage applications in your preferred cloud environment. Also, our Architect In-Residence program gives you a flexible resource approach, where you can access our expertise on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your EA and cloud transformation goals.

We provide managed services that span your infrastructure, application portfolio, and daily operations, including:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Application management
  • Risk and disaster recovery reports
  • Security and compliance
  • Improvement and upgrade planning
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automation of processes, activities, and tasks
  • Forecasting and trend reports

In addition, we offer cloud optimization services, designed to reduce spending and increase adoption throughout your organization. This includes:

  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Cloud environment updates
  • Improvement of workflows leveraging DevOps best practices
  • Multi-cloud optimization

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Make a move with confidence.

Our team will help you move to the cloud – rapidly and with minimal disruption – and unleash the full potential of the cloud for your organization.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can improve your business processes, enhance performance, innovate faster, and increase profitability.

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