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Overcome data complexity to meet today’s demands.

Most companies are very good at generating and collecting data. The volume and variety of data being generated inside and outside the enterprise are growing exponentially. And the number of touchpoints in today’s omnichannel world accelerates this growth.

Yet, most companies struggle to manage and leverage this data effectively.

Data silos are everywhere – many containing inconsistent, outdated, or inaccurate data. There’s no single source of truth and little standardization.

Business and technical users need greater access and visibility into the right data at the right time. Customers want and expect access to data as well, ensuring that they get real-time details around the status of their orders, the availability of inventory, and the timing of delivery.  However, without improvements to their data management tools and processes, companies will struggle to meet these demands.

Outdated systems and processes impede progress.

Furthermore, burdened with siloed, legacy systems, manual data management processes, inaccessible data sources, and poor integration between systems – companies can’t achieve the real-time visibility and insights they need to drive improvements. This impedes their success in today’s volatile and rapidly-changing marketplace. 

Does any of this apply to your company? If so, it may be time to modernize – and we’re here to help.


End-to-end data modernization services.

We provide comprehensive data analytics services and solutions to help you modernize data and overcome data complexity. Through our decades of data analytics experience, in-depth industry expertise, and proven best practices, we’ll help you leverage data more effectively to achieve your goals – including omnichannel, customer experience, IT modernization, and digital transformation.

We’ll help you:

Modernize data to improve business outcomes.

From reducing costs to improving productivity, the benefits of data modernization can have a tremendous impact on your organization.


Deliver data for new initiatives quickly, accelerating time-to-market.

Better decisions

Facilitate better decision-making by ensuring data accuracy and quality.

connect integrate

Increase speed and reduce delays by automating data processes.


Ensure compliance by gaining extensive visibility into data and its lineage.

cohesive pragmatic integrate

Protect your company and customers by improving data security and governance.

ai advanced technologies

Harness the power of the cloud by enabling seamless integration between on-premise and cloud data systems.

360 degree view

Accelerate positive outcomes with better, more timely insights.


Improve customer, partner, and employee experiences with better access to accurate information.


Implement new data and analytics systems quickly while minimizing disruption.


Access and insights

Empower business users by enabling secure self-service data access while reducing reliance on IT.

Count on us as your trusted data analytics partner

Our team has the right solutions and expertise to help you improve and modernize your data foundation. Our highly experienced team has worked with enterprises across multiple industries with complex data warehousing and analytics projects. We’ll help you design and implement the right strategies, tools, and processes to meet your goals.

20+ years of experience

With over 20 years of experience, our team knows first-hand what it’s like to juggle the growing demands while faced with endless complexity.

Technical and business knowledge

Our team brings the deep technical, business, and industry expertise needed to address the whole picture and help our clients optimize their data and insights.

End-to-end services

Through end-to-end services, we can support your efforts across the entire data management lifecycle.

Proven approach and tools

Our proven methodology and proprietary tools enable companies to develop and maintain a strong, future-ready data foundation for high-performance analytics.

Cross-discipline expertise

The Lightwell team’s expertise spans multiple disciplines beyond Data Analytics, enabling you to tap into extensive experience around Integration, Cloud, Enterprise Architecture, Supply Chain, Application Development, DevOps, and more.

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