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With a complete, accurate view of data from numerous sources, you can improve customer experiences, optimize processes, elevate performance, and increase profitability.

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Overcome complexities to achieve a complete and accurate view of your data.

Access to comprehensive, real-time data

Simplified access to comprehensive, real-time data is essential in today’s hyper-competitive, fast-paced environment.  

It provides the critical foundation needed for delivering engaging customer experiences, optimizing processes, delivering personalized service, improving sales and marketing, and so much more.

Many organizations have embarked on Customer 360 and advanced analytics initiatives in pursuit of these benefits. 

However, many companies are struggling to achieve their goals in these areas. Common challenges include:

Siloed data

Critical data resides across a large and growing number of disparate systems inside and outside the enterprise

Data growth

The exponential growth of data across the supply chain and customer touchpoints

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More touchpoints

A proliferating number of customer touchpoints capture multiple versions of customer data that don’t remain in sync

No single source of truth

So data is inconsistent depending on how and where it is accessed

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Manual or ad-hoc processes

Including managing data in excel files, are time-consuming, error-prone, and creates delays

360 degree view
Numerous formats

Data is stored in a variety of incompatible formats, and there are no standards for ensuring data quality

360 degree view
Integration complexity

The complex network of point-to-point integrations creates delays, redundancies, and syncing challenges

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Varying data needs

A vast number of data consumers with varying needs make it difficult and time-consuming to present the specific data views needed

Inaccessible data

Stakeholders can’t access the data they need without help from IT, creating bottlenecks and delays

Too much data, too little insight.

As a result, companies are collecting vast amounts of data – but they struggle to access, organize, centralize, manage, and leverage it effectively. Valuable data remains locked up and in legacy systems and is inaccessible to individuals who need it.

Hard-coded, brittle integrations between systems create delays and impede the flow of data. The data that’s presented to customers and stakeholders is often incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate, or outdated – negatively impacting experiences and business outcomes.

Furthermore, managers across the organization pull this problematic data into business intelligence and analytics programs. They’re unable to isolate helpful insights from the “noise” and can’t trust reports or make critical decisions based on incomplete and inaccurate information.  

These issues can greatly impact your success now and in the future. It’s critical to overcome these challenges to thrive. We’re here to help.

Application Development Solution IMplementation

Let us help you create a trusted, 360-degree view of critical data.

We’ll help you achieve an accurate, comprehensive view your data to deliver personalized services, build loyalty, respond to changing needs, and increase revenue. Leveraging cross-functional business and technology expertise, combined with industry-leading solutions from our partners, we’ll help you overcome these challenges to enable a 360-degree view. Our team brings a rare blend of expertise around integration and APIs, omnichannel, supply chain, and data analytics, and can help you plan, implement, and execute your data strategies from start to finish.

You’ll be able to access, consolidate, and analyze high-quality, accurate data from numerous sources. You’ll deliver superior customer experiences and empower stakeholders with greater visibility and control. In addition, by leveraging a rich foundation of trusted data, you’ll gain clear and actionable insights for improving your products, marketing, relationships, and more.

As a result of working with our team, companies achieve numerous benefits, including:

  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced costs and optimized processes
  • Increased revenue and faster time-to-market
  • Increased agility and responsiveness
  • Reduced risk of disruption

Optimize your data foundation.

Our team can support your efforts across your entire data management lifecycle, from data strategy to management and optimization. We’ll help you overcome a variety of data integration and management challenges, gain better visibility and control, and reduce chaos and complexity.

We’ll help you establish a foundation of high-quality, comprehensive, and accurate data on which to base your critical business processes and decisions, ensuring your data is:

  • Complete
  • Accurate
  • Timely
  • Consistent
  • Understood
  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Actionable
B2B EDI Consulting

Explore how we optimize data and insights.

Gain advantages with a comprehensive view of a wide variety of data.

  • Customer data
  • Inventory information
  • Supply and demand
  • B2B transaction data
  • B2B partner details
  • Omnichannel order data
  • Supply chain data

We’ll help you gain a complete, accurate view of customer information across all touchpoints by connecting and integrating CRM, eCommerce, order management, marketing automation, and other customer data sources. Your customer service representatives, store personnel, salespeople, marketers, and others who influence customer relationships will have the complete view of customer data needed to deliver highly personalized, loyalty-generating experiences across channels. You’ll also gain valuable insights into customer behaviors, enable personalized offers, and deliver relevant offers that drive more sales.

We’ll help you gain a complete view of inventory information by integrating a wide variety of systems – including PIM, ERP, POS, and TMS. You’ll know exactly what you have in inventory and precisely where it is – even when it’s widely dispersed throughout the globe, in transit, and changing every minute.  As a result, you’ll have the real-time views needed to meet customer expectations while also helping you make the most of your inventory.

Our team will help you gain a consolidated, real-time view of supply and demand, at rest and in transit. You’ll be able to quickly identify shortages, shift stock levels, move inventory to address peak demand, avoid stock outs, and more. You’ll delight your customers with the products they want, when they want them, while optimizing your inventory, supply chain processes, and profitability.

With our B2B Framework, you’ll gain a complete, end-to-end view of B2B transactions across their entire lifecycle. You’ll easily view, find, and track all transactions in the lifecycle of any workflow. You can quickly locate a transaction and drill down into the details to find out where a transaction was sent or received, the times that each workflow step occurred, and the communications and protocols used. You’ll be able to provide technical and business details to internal departments and to partners as needed while significantly reducing the time and effort involved. 

Gain a single, centralized repository to view and manage your B2B partner profiles, including frequently changing contact information, security keys, and certificates. Leveraging Partner Engagement Manager, we’ll help you capture a single system of record for all partner data, track their lifecycle and certificate expirations, and more. You’ll benefit from streamlined management, partner self-service capabilities, accelerated time-to-revenue, and better partner relationships.

Gain a consolidated, real-time view of data across your order orchestration and fulfillment processes. Leveraging omnichannel order management solutions like IBM Sterling OMS, we’ll empower your team to view order data across numerous sources and channels. Not only can business users act on this data, but they can apply intelligent automation capabilities, business rules, and artificial intelligence to optimize sourcing, routing, and fulfillment processes. As a result, you’ll streamline processes, avoid disruption, and improve profitability.

Gain a comprehensive, actionable view of supply chain data. We’ll help you leverage the IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions to provide stakeholders inside and outside your organization with access to the complete data they need to take action and make better-informed decisions. You’ll empower managers to set expectations and improve performance based on data related to order processes, inventory, delivery timelines, potential supply chain disruptions – and much more. They’ll have access to the complete and accurate data needed to quickly identify and address emerging issues, mitigate risk, avoid costly downtime, and improve outcomes.

Enrich your data and ensure data quality going forward.

Drawing from extensive experience with data integration and architecture, we can help you enhance your data while easily maintaining quality as your needs change and systems proliferate.

We’ll help you:

  • Optimize your data collection, validation, and modeling strategies
  • Establish architectural processes to standardize data presentation and transformation
  • Incorporate external data sources and demographics to enrich customer profiles
  • Create customized solutions and dashboards to support your service and marketing efforts
  • Leverage data matched from a variety of sources to present intelligent marketing and sales offers

As a result, we enable a more precise and accurate picture of your customers, their relationships, and their potential needs. We’ll also enable a complete picture of your products, operations, and supply chain.

Gain actionable insights.

With access to more complete and accurate data, business, operations, and technical users will gain actionable insights for improving outcomes.

Business users

gain insights into how the business is performing so they can adjust inventory levels, plan promotions, and undertake other activities to increase revenue while reducing costs.

Operations users

analyze how processes are functioning so they can divert inventory, alter transportation methods, or make other changes to improve customer satisfaction.

Technical teams

are aware of how systems are functioning so they can ensure that everything is up-and-running appropriately, and they have the required technology in place.

Equipped with these insights, your users will have the information they need to:

Satisfy quality

Anticipate needs

Avoid disruptions

Optimize processes


Improve profitability

Our comprehensive services and solutions enable a 360-degree view:

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Through an effective 360-degree view of your data, we can help your company differentiate and thrive.

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