Technology Solutions That Help Retailers Streamline, Engage, Differentiate, and Thrive

Improve customer experiences, increase resiliency, and gain unprecedented visibility and insights.

The Rapidly Changing Retail Industry Requires a Modern Approach​

In the fast-paced, dynamic world of retail, businesses must adapt quickly – or risk devastating consequences. The impact of the pandemic has made this painfully clear for retailers, as demand volatility, inventory shortages, labor-related challenges, and shutdowns dominated the news.

It’s never been more critical to have the visibility, agility, and connectivity to mitigate disruptions and respond quickly to change. Despite all the challenges retailers are currently facing, they must still find ways to outperform competitors and deliver excellent customer experiences to survive.

Now, more than ever, retailers must optimize their supply chains to respond to rapid shifts in supply and demand. They need to digitize and automate processes for greater speed and flexibility, eliminating manual processes and delays.

Not only do they need to enhance their visibility and awareness of what’s happening across their supply chains and operations – but they must accelerate their ability to understand and act on this information as well.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Customer expectations for seamless, personalized service across all channels continue to rise, and meeting those expectations has become even more challenging. Today’s customers are shopping from their homes and want visibility into inventory, orders, and fulfillment options. They expect their orders to be fast, accurate, and receive personalized service wherever and however they interact with your company. It’s a tall order.

Omni-channel success

Managing Data Overload

Retailers are also dealing with a massive influx of data from a variety of internal and external sources. But they struggle to manage and leverage it effectively for driving improvement.

Overcoming Legacy System Challenges

While attempting to squeeze every drop of value out of their current technology capabilities, trying to adapt rigid legacy solutions only adds more complexity to an increasingly complicated retail environment. Adding new digital components to the business infrastructure without a solid strategy presents a costly set of challenges without guaranteed success. Lack of connectivity between the array of internal and external systems required for retail leads to visibility challenges, disjointed customer experiences, and higher costs.

How We Help Retailers

We help you streamline, modernize, and optimize your technologies, supporting you as you transform your business digitally to meet today’s escalating demands.

Through agile integration and connectivity between systems, data, and devices, our solutions enable the real-time, secure flow of information internally and externally, enable unprecedented visibility, and provide a comprehensive view of the customer.

We help ensure seamless, personalized omnichannel customer experiences wherever and however your clientele choose to interact with you. We also help you manage and leverage your data more effectively, generating actionable insights and compelling experiences that drive competitive advantages.

Partnering with Lightwell provides access to experienced business and IT consultants who understand the unique demands facing today’s retailers. We know how to unleash the full potential of omnichannel order management, integration, and digital supply chain technologies to help your company reduce costs, improve efficiency, and strengthen your relationships with customers.

Furthermore, our team brings a wide range of knowledge and experience across various technology disciplines – including Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Cloud, Supply Chain, B2B, Data Analytics, and Application Development – plus expertise in a variety of business processes and industries. This know-how enables us to provide a more comprehensive perspective and added guidance, as we see the “full picture” of how your systems work together and identify opportunities for improvement.

This holistic, strategic approach enables you to unlock more value from your data, improve business processes within and outside your enterprise, deliver more engaging experiences to your customers, and develop real-time capabilities that create competitive advantages for your business.


As a result of working with us, retailers experience a variety of benefits. Here are just a few:

Reduced costs and complexity
Improved customer experiences across all channels
Optimized order fulfillment processes
Greater inventory visibility and utilization
scalable foundation
Improved margins
Better insights for driving business outcomes
Increased agility for responding to change
Satisfy quality
Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
Improved profitability

Modern Technology Solutions for Driving Great Business Outcomes

Industry-leading solutions and deep expertise from Lightwell solve complex retail challenges.

  • Responding to adversity, uncertainty, and rapidly-changing demands
  • Meeting expectations for personalized service across all channels
  • Disparate applications and data silos lead to poor-quality experiences
  • Lack of inventory visibility impacts customers and profitability
  • Pressure to mitigate supply chain disruptions while improving performance
  • Need to advance capabilities while battling IT complexity
  • Meeting the need for speed and real-time information
  • Fragmented and incomplete views of the customer creates problems
  • B2B networks have become increasingly diverse and complex
  • Challenges ensuring security and reliability of transactions and files
  • Difficulty managing and leveraging data for effective decision-making
  • Slow and outdated customer-facing applications negatively impact experiences
  • Legacy applications are difficult to scale and costly to maintain
  • Limited IT staff available for supporting modern technologies
  • Challenges moving to or leveraging the cloud are impacting progress
  • Lack of alignment between business goals and IT investments

Improve your ability to respond to adversity, navigate uncertainty, and address rapidly changing demands.

We help retailers accelerate their digital transformation to improve agility, visibility, and responsiveness. We’ll work with you to develop and align your business and IT strategies, optimize your enterprise architecture, and develop your digital transformation roadmap to meet today’s demands. We’ll digitize and automate your processes, modernize your critical applications, and assist you in harnessing the benefits of the cloud. With our solutions, you’ll also gain clear visibility and insight to detect and respond to rapidly-changing conditions.

Retail customers expect convenience and personalized service, wherever, however, and whenever they choose to interact and purchase.

We help retailers deliver seamless omnichannel experiences across store, web, and mobile channels. Real-time integration between eCommerce, marketing, POS, ERP, Marketplaces, partners, and other systems facilitate fast order fulfillment, personalized experiences, and a 360-degree view of the customer at every touchpoint. World-class omnichannel order management and fulfillment solutions help customers get the products they want, when, and how they prefer – while helping you differentiate through great fulfillment experiences. By developing innovative, customer-centric applications, we’ll also help you increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Disparate customer-facing, store, eCommerce, OMS, back-office, mobile, SaaS, and legacy applications create data silos that lead to disjointed, poor-quality customer experiences.

We help retailers connect and integrate all data sources, systems, and devices, eliminating data silos, ensuring up-to-date, accurate information and enabling truly actionable customer insights. Our Integration and API Management solutions allow rapid integration of inventory, CRM, ERP, store, warehouse, transport, and other systems and sources of data. Prebuilt tools, templates, frameworks, and deep retail industry expertise speed up the process.

Lack of visibility into accurate inventory levels leads to excess inventory costs, lost sales, customer frustration, and reduced margins.

By providing end-to-end, real-time inventory visibility across systems, data sources, and locations, we’ll help you meet customer expectations while also improving your profitability. You’ll keep your inventory in balance, reduce stockouts, avoid markdowns, and improve customer satisfaction. You’ll also be able to better monitor, manage, and analyze inventory information for driving improvements.

Demands to monitor and mitigate an ever-increasing range of supply chain disruptions while continuously optimizing supply chain operations.

Through end-to-end visibility and insights, our solutions help retailers monitor internal and external events more effectively. Using analytics and AI-powered solutions, you can predict, assess, and mitigate disruptions and risks while optimizing your supply chain to deliver greater value to the business. Reports and proactive alerts warn of potential delays and disruptions. Expert recommendations mitigate risks, and suggested alternatives help to ensure on-time delivery. Useful reports help you evaluate and optimize supply chain performance.

Frequently adding business-critical applications over time to address specific needs adds complexity to an already-complicated IT infrastructure.

We help retailers analyze, modernize, and optimize their application portfolios and architectures. We’ll partner with you to design a more flexible and agile Enterprise Architecture and modernize your applications to bring them in line with your business goals and requirements. As a result, you’ll reduce complexity and accelerate value from your IT investments.

Inability to support real-time demands across the business.

We’ll help you securely move data at the speed and scale of business. Our solutions automate internal, external, and B2B data exchanges and file transfers, supporting your most demanding workloads and real-time needs.

An incomplete, fragmented, or inaccurate view of customers leaves revenue opportunities on the table and negatively impacts customer satisfaction.

By improving data architecture and integration, we enable a complete, accurate view of your customer – and even their households. By making timely and accurate information accessible to customer-facing associates and systems, your company can deliver better customer experiences and drive more purchases.

B2B networks have become increasingly complex, creating visibility blind spots, delays, and unacceptable risks of downtime or data loss.

By modernizing B2B integration capabilities, we enable frictionless, scalable data transactions with business partners and help ensure the uninterrupted flow of information and products across your supply chain. You can deliver the products and services your customers expect faster and more reliably. By leveraging AI in your supply chain, you’ll also gain unprecedented capabilities to predict and mitigate risks, avoid downtime, and optimize supply chain performance.

Retailers struggle with the need for secure, reliable transfer of critical files and transactions between systems and partners.

Our secure file transfer solutions help to guarantee the timely delivery of data ­– across your critical internal and external processes. Our solutions automate your file transfers of any size and format, with scalability to handle your most demanding workloads. They also allow you to respond to new file exchange opportunities presented by modern technologies. You’ll improve security, as our secure file transfer solutions incorporate secure protocols, encryption, digital signatures, and identity management. Improved visibility and controls help you recover and restart failed exchanges and file transfers with ease. High-speed file transfer capabilities enable you to move high volumes of files and huge files quickly.

With so much growth in volume and variety, decision-makers cannot analyze and leverage data effectively to make the right decisions.

We help retailers overcome various data-related challenges and build a rich foundation of high-quality, trusted data. Our solutions help you integrate large volumes of data from disparate operational, business, and customer systems – as well as IOT-connected sensors, communications systems, and devices. Standardized data models, well-documented business definitions, and user-friendly interfaces allow your IT and business users to share and comprehend data. Through improved BI dashboards and analytics, your decision-makers will make better, faster decisions based on timely, actionable insights. With a solid data architecture in place, we’ll help you leverage AI and advanced analytics tools more effectively to drive business outcomes. Analytics based on real-time data can dramatically improve customer experiences and offerings. Competitive data, predictive sales modeling, and marketing insights help to improve operations and identify growth opportunities.

Some customer-facing applications are slow and outdated, creating dissatisfaction with the experience.

Through expert application development capabilities and partnerships with industry-leading technology providers, we help to develop and modernize applications, user interfaces, and mobile experiences that increase customer engagement, differentiate your brand, and enable you to expand into new markets. Further, by sharing our DevOps expertise, we’ll help you optimize development processes for driving better results, faster.

Legacy applications are difficult to scale and costly to maintain.

Our team can modernize your legacy applications to address today’s demands and support the migration of your applications to modern platforms. Leveraging deep solution and application development expertise, we also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions in line with your goals ­– on-premise or in the cloud. Our team can also help you optimize your architecture and entire applications portfolio for meeting your current and future demands. You’ll reduce complexity and cost and achieve greater scalability while promoting faster innovation to differentiate from competitors.

Limited IT resources for implementing and managing modern solutions.

Many companies have partnered with us as an extension of their team, where we run all or part of their critical B2B, supply chain, and order management solutions for them via our managed services. We provide end-to-end management of solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. We can also offer individual IT resources – or complete, dedicated development teams – to help you achieve your vision quickly and cost-effectively.

Challenges adapting to hybrid cloud environments and leveraging cloud-based technologies.

We’ll help you adapt to hybrid cloud environments through a full range of cloud services and flexible deployment models. We’ll help you develop and execute a cloud strategy, transform applications for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging integration and APIs, we can ensure seamless connectivity between your systems and data wherever it resides. We can also help you manage solutions in the hybrid cloud and accelerate cloud adoption throughout your enterprise.

Aligning business and IT to achieve digital transformation and other organizational goals – as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Leveraging extensive Enterprise Architecture experience, we help retail companies develop the strategies, roadmaps, timelines, architectures, and projects to achieve goals faster while maximizing return on investment.

Proven Solutions for Retail

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