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Manage Today’s Manufacturing Industry Challenges More Effectively

Traditional methods for lowering costs and boosting manufacturing productivity aren’t sufficient for keeping up with today’s requirements.

Manufacturers have been tasked for years with balancing increasing raw materials costs, addressing an array of compliance requirements, and navigating the complexities of moving goods throughout the world without loss. 

They face constant pressures from customers: changing preferences, strong price sensitivity, and expectations for personalized experiences at every touchpoint are on the rise. Emerging and nimble competitors are a continuous threat, as are extreme weather, natural disasters, and even political upheaval.

Dealing With Chaos

Today’s pandemic-related waves of disruption have increased pressures on manufacturers to an extreme level. Supply and demand became unpredictable. Raw materials became harder to obtain. Manufacturing and logistics processes were interrupted. Locations across the globe were shut down. Worker safety and labor shortages became headline news.

The New Survival Essentials

While manufacturers are trying to grapple with all these challenges, they need to adjust to the next-normal. They must reshape their strategies and leverage technology more effectively to transform how they operate and compete. Automation, digitization, visibility, and insight have become essential to survival. In fact, a majority of industrial products executives surveyed say digital initiatives will be critical to the success of their organization in the next three years.


To drive down costs and increase speed, manufacturers must automate processes and reduce complexity wherever possible. It’s more critical than ever to see what’s happening across the supply chain at all times – and have the right tools in place to detect and avoid disruption. Manufacturers need end-to-end visibility to address supply and demand volatility, and they need better ways to manage inventory across all locations. 

Furthermore, many manufacturers have struggled to manage the massive volumes of data coming from all sources – but they must quickly overcome this. Manufacturers need better ways to leverage data to reduce risk, ensure excellent customer experiences, improve performance, and drive rapid change.

How We Help Manufacturers

We’re here to help. Our experienced business and IT consultants provide solutions, guidance, and expertise to help manufacturing companies not only keep up – but thrive – by accelerating their digital transformations. We help modernize and digitize manufacturers’ supply chains, optimize processes, reduce cost and complexity, and deliver seamless customer experiences. We connect data and systems across a rapidly changing partner ecosystem to provide unprecedented visibility, improve efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market.

We also help manufacturing companies leverage their data and analytics more effectively, generating actionable insights for driving optimal business outcomes. With Lightwell solutions, they can make smarter business decisions, adapt quickly in this rapidly evolving environment, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We make daunting, enterprise-wide technology improvements easier to manage. Our team brings a wide range of knowledge and experience across a variety of technology disciplines – including Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Cloud, Supply Chain, B2B Integration, Data Analytics, and Application Development – plus expertise in a variety of business processes and industries. This enables us to provide a more comprehensive perspective and guidance, as we see the “full picture” of how everything works together and where opportunities exist for improvement.

This holistic, strategic approach enables you to unlock more value from your data, extend business processes within and outside your enterprise, deliver more innovative solutions to your customers, and develop real-time capabilities that create competitive advantages for your business.

From migrating to the cloud, to optimizing your supply chain, to converting massive amounts of data into useful business intelligence, we deliver reliable solutions and proven expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Become More Powerful by Increasing Your Agility

Lightwell solutions help manufacturing leaders overcome challenges and respond quickly to a changing global landscape.

  • Responding quickly to change, volatility, and disruption
  • Meeting the diverse and evolving requirements of customers and partners
  • Disconnected, siloed systems and data sources create many challenges
  • Inefficiencies, costs, and errors resulting from manual processes
  • Poor visibility makes leads to missed SLAs and downtime
  • Lack of inventory visibility results in lost sales, higher costs, and poor experiences
  • Addressing the need for speed and demands for real-time information
  • Challenges adding new capabilities to a complex and costly IT infrastructure
  • Outdated, legacy technology stacks impede progress and growth
  • Complications addressing security and compliance requirements
  • Inability to manage and leverage the growing volume and variety of data effectively
  • Difficulties supporting modern IT solutions and requirements
  • Overcoming barriers to digital transformation success
  • Challenges managing and leveraging cloud-based technologies

Building greater resilience to respond to change, volatility, and disruption.

We help manufacturers improve agility, visibility, and responsiveness. We’ll help you develop and align business and IT strategies, optimize your enterprise architecture, and develop and execute your digital transformation roadmap to meet today’s demands. We’ll also help you digitize and automate your processes, modernize critical applications, and transform them for the cloud. You’ll gain unprecedented visibility and insight for detecting and responding to changing conditions.

Challenges keeping up the diverse and evolving requirements of global, dynamic customer and partner communities.

We enable secure, seamless communication and integration with your entire business partner community. Our B2B integration solutions support any-to-any data transformations across different formats and standards, and virtually any data type or format. These solutions also help you simplify partner onboarding and management, enabling you to accelerate time-to-market and improve satisfaction.

Disconnected, siloed systems and data sources create numerous inefficiencies and blind spots.

By leveraging APIs and enabling seamless integration between internal and external systems, we’ll help you unlock critical data sources, improve processes, and gain end-to-end visibility. Prebuilt tools, templates, frameworks, and deep manufacturing industry expertise speed up the process.

Manual processes are costly, error-prone, and unreliable, which negatively impacts relationships and profitability.

We help manufacturers connect, automate and streamline manual business processes so they’re easier to manage, faster to execute, and more accurate. With Lightwell solutions in place, you’ll be able to identify and resolve issues much quicker. Greater speed and responsiveness also help you improve business partner and customer relationships.

Lack of visibility makes it difficult to respond quickly to customer inquiries and concerns, and leads to missed SLAs and downtime.

We enable end-to-end, real-time visibility into your transactions, documents, files, and processes. You’ll know what’s happening at all times and can take action when needed. Equip your key customers and partners with the visibility they need, on-demand. Reports and proactive alerts warn of potential delays and disruptions so you can address them swiftly. Leveraging AI, you’ll also gain unprecedented capabilities for predicting and mitigating downtime.

Poor inventory visibility is leading to lost sales, disappointed customers, lost margins, excess safety stock, and limiting the ability to enter new sales channels.

We enable up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data, even in businesses with high volumes and a large number of SKUs. You’ll meet peak-period demand and avoid over-promising, losing sales, or incurring unexpected charges.

Supporting the real-time demands of clients, vendors, and carriers.

Our solutions provide real-time messaging, file transfers, and workflows to support complex operational requirements. We also help support always-on, high availability capabilities, thus preventing downtime and improving disaster resilience and recovery.

Continually adding new technology solutions to fill capability gaps increases cost and complexity.

We analyze, modernize, and optimize application portfolios and architectures for manufacturers in line with business goals and requirements. By leveraging integration and APIs, we’ll help you connect and integrate new systems, devices, and data sources seamlessly. As a result, you’ll reduce cost and complexity and accelerate time to value from your technology investments.

Outdated, legacy technology stacks are inflexible, impair scalability, and limit growth.

We help you eliminate dependency on legacy systems coming to end-of-life or suffering from a lack of support from vendors. Our team of architects, engineers, and developers helps modernize your legacy applications and architectures to better address today’s demands. Through integration and APIs, we’ll help to refresh and extend aging systems and build a future-proof architecture. We’ll also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions on-premise or in the cloud. As a result, you’ll be able to leverage the latest technologies to serve the needs of the business better. You’ll enable growth and the real-time flow of information.

Addressing security and compliance requirements is complicated. The risks of violations, failed security audits, and fines are high.

We help you reduce the cost and risk of security breaches, ensure compliance with security best practices, and keep up with industry standards. Secure B2B integration and file transfer capabilities protect your data exchanges in motion and at rest. E-invoicing, secure signing, validation, and transparent auditing protect against failures and fines. B2B visibility and analytics monitor processes and help to ensure SLAs are met.

With the exponential growth in the volume and variety of data, executives cannot leverage it effectively for making good decisions.

We help manufacturers overcome their pressing data challenges to build a rich foundation of high-quality, trusted data. Through improved BI dashboards and analytics, your managers can make better, faster decisions based on timely, actionable insights. Additionally, with a solid data architecture in place, we help you leverage AI and advanced analytics tools more effectively to drive business outcomes.

IT teams face difficulties keeping up with the demands of supporting modern solutions and requirements.

Many companies have partnered with us as an extension of their team, where we run all or part of their critical B2B, supply chain, and order management solutions for them via our managed services. We provide end-to-end management of solutions, on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. We can also offer individual IT resources – or even complete, dedicated application development teams – to help you achieve your vision quickly and cost-effectively.

Aligning business and IT to achieve digital transformation and other organizational goals – as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Leveraging extensive Enterprise Architecture experience, we’ll help you develop the strategies, roadmaps, timelines, architectures, and projects to achieve your goals faster, while maximizing your return on their investments.

Challenges adapting to hybrid cloud environments and leveraging cloud-based technologies.

We help manufacturers adapt to hybrid cloud environments through a full range of cloud services and flexible deployment models. We’ll help you develop and execute a cloud strategy, transform applications for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging integration and APIs, we can ensure seamless connectivity between your systems and data, wherever they reside. We can also help you manage solutions in the hybrid cloud.

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