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External Pressures Continue to Squeeze Healthcare Organizations

As healthcare costs continue to rise and demand for flexible, high-quality care escalates, healthcare organizations are facing numerous challenges.

For years organizations have been pressured to improve service quality and access while lowering costs. However, many are struggling with numerous manual and inefficient business processes that elevate costs, increase errors, and negatively impact care. 

The need to protect sensitive patient data continues to grow, and healthcare organizations must keep up with constantly changing industry regulations.

Increasing Complexity

The number of systems, transactions, and partners in the ecosystem continues to increase in number and complexity, while healthcare organizations continue to grapple with outdated technology stacks.

Critical data of all kinds – from patients, partners, and other sources – is growing exponentially, and healthcare organizations are struggling to manage it. Deriving meaningful insights from the mounds of data seems next to impossible. Yet with today’s realities, there has never been a more significant opportunity to leverage technology and data to drive down costs and improve care.

The Need for Speed

Simultaneously, the whole healthcare ecosystem is moving to a more responsive, real-time, process-driven model for the exchange of data. Real-time eligibility checks, claims processing, and exchanging data with partners are just a few examples where traditional, overnight batch processing is no longer acceptable.

Pandemic Disruptions

Meanwhile, the pandemic has generated many challenges for healthcare organizations around supply chain disruptions, labor availability, and even healthcare delivery. The need to accelerate digital transformation to become more flexible, agile, and adaptable is now more critical than ever. Unfortunately, healthcare organizations have been historically slow to adopt new technologies, fearing regulatory challenges and disruption to existing processes could compromise care and increase costs.

How We Help Healthcare Organizations

We understand the realities facing healthcare organizations, and we possess decades of experience driving improved business and patient outcomes through technology.

We help you modernize your technology capabilities to accelerate digital transformation, streamline and automate complex processes, connect disparate systems and data sources, and protect sensitive data.

Our integration, managed file transfer, B2B integration, and supply chain solutions ensure the seamless, secure flow of information between systems, partners, your customers, and all devices. Our comprehensive cloud services ensure a seamless migration to the cloud and accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.

Driving Better Healthcare Outcomes

We also help you improve how you manage your data and leverage analytics more effectively to drive better business outcomes. You’ll adapt quickly to changing requirements and improve your ability to pioneer new models of care.

With end-to-end services, we guide you through the complete journey of aligning your business goals with your systems, initiatives, and processes, ensuring alignment every step of the way

Lightwell business intelligence and Analytics consulting services

As a result of working with us, healthcare organizations:

  • Improve care experiences
  • Improve supply chain and process efficiency
  • Improve operational excellence
  • Increase agility in response to disruption
  • Drive differentiation through superior patient engagement
  • Innovate with new products and services that improve care and grow revenues

Build a Faster, More Agile Organization

Solutions and insight from Lightwell unlock new value from your technology
and enable you to become more efficient and agile.

  • Need to respond to disruption, uncertainty, and change quickly
  • Challenges connecting disparate clinical and non-clinical systems
  • Overcoming complex, disjointed processes for better experiences
  • Keeping up with expectations for real-time communications
  • Ensuring secure and reliable data exchange with partners
  • Supporting a dynamic and complex partner network
  • Poor visibility leads to greater risk and missed SLAs
  • Difficulty keeping up with compliance requirements
  • Problems resulting from haphazard management of patient data
  • Redundant technologies from acquisitions create inefficiencies
  • Ensuring healthcare data exchanges are secure and private
  • Security breaches are a constant threat
  • Outdated, inflexible legacy technology stacks limit growth
  • Inability to gain meaningful insights from data effectively
  • Challenges moving to and leveraging the cloud
  • Aligning business and IT to achieve company goals

Improving the ability to respond to disruption, navigate uncertainty, and address rapidly changing demands.

Our comprehensive services help healthcare organizations accelerate their digital transformation to increase agility, speed, visibility, and responsiveness. We help align your business and IT strategies, modernize your enterprise architecture, and develop your digital transformation roadmaps. Also, we help you build a composable architecture, assist with your hybrid cloud strategies, and modernize your applications to thrive in today’s “new normal.”

Challenges connecting a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical systems.

We help you connect and integrate all data sources, systems, and devices, eliminating data silos, ensuring up-to-date, accurate information, and enabling truly actionable customer insights. Our prebuilt tools, templates, frameworks, and deep industry expertise speed up the process.

Overcoming complex, disjointed processes to provide better overall care experiences.

Through integration and APIs, we help healthcare companies streamline internal and external processes, ultimately improving the quality of care. Manual, redundant, error-prone processes can be automated, reducing costs and delays. Complex B2B processes – including enrollments, eligibility, authorizations, claims, and payment – can be digitized and accelerated, vastly improving efficiency and quality. Providers can access the latest patient data in real-time, regardless of where it lives. By improving how patient data is managed and orchestrated, you’ll be able to capitalize on it to drive better outcomes.

Keeping up with expectations for real-time communications with members and partners.

Leveraging integration, APIs, and real-time messaging, we enable healthcare organizations to interact with members and providers in real time across web and mobile channels.

Ensuring secure and reliable exchange of files and documents with a wide range of partners.

We enable fast, secure, and always-on connectivity with your healthcare partner ecosystem. Our solutions automate and consolidate your complex B2B/EDI, file transfer, and data transformation processes. Your organization can consolidate all file transfers, improving management and governance – without compromising on security or compliance. You’ll also gain end-to-end visibility and governance to ensure everything is happening as expected.

Reducing the cost and complexity of supporting a dynamic and changing partner network.

We help to streamline and simplify partner onboarding and management, helping to accelerate time-to-market and improve satisfaction. Partner self-service capabilities reduce the time and resources required to onboard new partners while improving how you manage and maintain existing partners' profiles.

Lack of visibility leads to greater risk and missed SLAs.

By connecting and integrating your systems and data sources, we help to eliminate silos, visibility blind spots, and delays that increase risk. Through modern B2B and file transfer solutions, we enable complete visibility and control over your transactions, documents, and systems.

Changing reimbursement models, hospital economics, and legislative disruptions increase difficulty in achieving compliance requirements.

Automatic SLA/SLC monitoring, proactive alerts, better audit trails, and pre-built configurations reduce the risk of non-compliance and penalties. Our solutions ensure HIPAA, WEDI/SNIP (Levels 1-7) standards, and SLA/SLC compliance.

Haphazard collection and storage of critical data create unclear or conflicting views of patients.

Through improved data management processes and optimized data architecture, we enable a complete, 360-degree patient view for delivering more personalized care and services across all touchpoints. Leveraging integration platforms and APIs, we can help unlock and access patient data previously hidden in data silos to enable a complete view. We also help you leverage the cloud to achieve end-to-end customer visibility.

Acquisitions that result in multiple translation, integration, and file transfer tools create silos, drive up costs, and produce inefficiencies.

We help to consolidate multiple solutions / gateways / tools where appropriate to scalable, secure, best-in-class platforms, helping to streamline management, eliminate silos, and improve visibility.

Healthcare data exchanged between various ecosystem partners – such as clinical data, EMR, payment files, insurance validation, diagnosis, etc. – must be secure and private.

Our solutions provide data encryption in motion and at rest, utilize role-based access and identity management, and enable integration with enterprise security infrastructure.

Challenges protecting networks and data from security breaches.

We’ll help you securely share and track mission-critical information movement within the enterprise and across your partner network through a unified file transfer platform. You’ll safeguard patient data while ensuring compliance with regulations. Also, you’ll gain end-to-end visibility and governance to mitigate risk.

Outdated, legacy technology stacks are inflexible, impair scalability, and limit growth.

Our team of architects, engineers, and developers help to modernize your legacy applications for addressing today’s demands. Leveraging deep solution expertise, we also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions in line with your goals – on-premise or in the cloud. Modern solutions with extendable architectures facilitate growth and enable the real-time flow of information. In addition, our team can help you optimize your Enterprise, Business, Information, and Solution architecture for meeting your current and future demands.

Being overwhelmed by business-critical healthcare data while unable to leverage it to gain meaningful insights.

We help fuel healthcare transformation by generating insights that help inform clinical, operational, and business decisions.

We’ll help you overcome complex data challenges to build a rich foundation of high-quality, trusted data. Standardized data models, well-documented business definitions, and user-friendly interfaces allow your IT and business users to share and comprehend data. Through improved BI dashboards and analytics, we’ll help your team make better, faster decisions based on timely, actionable insights. You’ll identify gaps in care and improve performance. With a solid data architecture in place, you can leverage AI and advanced analytics tools more effectively to drive business outcomes.

Challenges adapting to hybrid cloud environments and leveraging cloud-based technologies.

A majority of healthcare leaders surveyed expect to make significant investments in the hybrid cloud over the next few years. We’ll help you adapt to hybrid cloud environments through a full range of cloud consulting services and flexible deployment models. We can develop and execute your cloud strategy, transform applications for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging integration and APIs, we ensure seamless connectivity between your systems and data wherever it resides. We also help you manage solutions in the hybrid cloud and guide you through the cultural and organizational transformation needed to ensure cloud success.

Aligning business and IT in order to achieve digital transformation and other organizational goals – as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Through Enterprise Architecture consulting services, we’ll help you develop the strategies, roadmaps, timelines, architectures, and projects to achieve your goals faster while maximizing your ROI.

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