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Stay Ahead of a Changing Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage companies are facing a greater number of business challenges than ever before. Health and nutrition preferences are changing. Sustainability, food safety, and environmental concerns continue to rise. Increased price-sensitivity forces food and beverage companies to drive down costs. Trust is critical to digitally-savvy consumers, who expect positive experiences with your brand at every touchpoint. Nimble competitors constantly threaten brand loyalty and erode market share.

The 2020 pandemic has also generated additional complexities and challenges that food and beverage companies must overcome. It has created waves of disruption and demand volatility, where at-home consumption and stockpiling increased – while out-of-home consumption nearly came to a screeching halt.

Overcoming Complexities

Supply chain continuity and the need for improved visibility, transparency, and traceability has never been greater, while the importance of supporting eCommerce and online channels has continued to rise.

But many food and beverage companies struggle with inefficiencies that prevent them from addressing these demands. Supply chain inefficiencies create delays, delay time-to-market, increase the risk of disruption, and lead to missed revenue. Outdated legacy systems create silos of inaccessible data, impede visibility, and make it difficult to identify and address emerging issues.

The Challenges of Just Keeping up

The exponential growth of data from various sources – and the demands of managing it all – makes it incredibly challenging to derive meaningful, actionable insights. Keeping up with changing customer expectations and delivering the personalized experiences they desire can be extremely difficult.

How We Help Food and Beverage Companies

We help you capitalize on today’s innovative technologies to become more agile, respond effectively to change, improve performance, and position your business for a successful future.

Our experienced business and IT teams provide insights, strategies, and guidance to help you implement the ideal technology solutions – carefully and cost-effectively. We help food and beverage companies digitize and streamline their supply chains, optimize processes, and reduce cost and complexity. We connect data and systems across a rapidly changing partner ecosystem to provide unprecedented visibility, improve efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market. We also help organizations leverage their data more effectively, generating actionable insights for driving optimal business outcomes.


A Focus on Outcomes

Through a comprehensive, outcome-focused approach, we’ll help you improve operational efficiency, improve collaboration with partners, improve supply chain performance, and deliver exceptional partner and customer experiences.

Our team brings a wide range of knowledge and experience across a variety of technology disciplines – including Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Cloud, Supply Chain, B2B, Data Analytics, and Application Development – plus expertise in a variety of business processes and industries. This enables us to provide a more comprehensive perspective and guidance, as we see the “full picture” of how everything works together and identify opportunities for improvement.

A Strategic Approach

This holistic, strategic approach enables you to unlock more value from your data, accelerate business processes within and outside your enterprise, deliver more innovative solutions to your customers, and develop real-time capabilities that create competitive advantages for your business.

Connect, Integrate, and Modernize Your
Crucial Business Systems

We help you overcome numerous challenges and harness the full potential of your data and technology investments.

  • Responding to disruption, volatility, and rapidly-changing preferences
  • Keeping up with the diverse requirements of customers and partners
  • Disconnected systems and lack of visibility impact performance
  • Data stored in different formats and systems can't be leveraged effectively
  • Addressing the constant threat of security breaches
  • Improving supply chain visibility, traceability, accountability, and trust
  • Poor inventory visibility leads to negative customer and business outcomes
  • Challenges keeping up with modern technology trends and tools
  • Difficulties managing and leveraging a growing volume of data effectively
  • Legacy applications are costly and impede progress
  • Difficulties supporting modern solutions and requirements
  • Challenges leveraging or managing cloud-based technologies
  • Overcoming barriers to successful digital transformation

Detecting and responding to disruption, supply and demand volatility, and rapidly changing preferences.

We help food and beverage companies accelerate digital transformation to improve agility, visibility, and responsiveness. We assist in developing and aligning business and IT strategies, optimizing your enterprise architecture, and developing your digital transformation roadmap to meet today’s demands. Our solutions also help you digitize and automate your processes, modernize your critical applications, and assist you through your cloud transformation. You’ll gain clear visibility and insight for detecting and responding to change.

Challenges keeping up the diverse and evolving requirements of global, dynamic customer and partner communities.

We enable secure, seamless communication and integration with your entire business partner community. We support any-to-any data transformation across different formats and standards, and virtually any data type or format. Also, by leveraging solutions to simplify partner onboarding and management, you’ll be able to accelerate time-to-market and improve satisfaction.

Disconnected systems and lack of visibility make it difficult to ensure supply chain efficiency – and prevent disruptions.

By connecting and integrating all systems, data, and devices, we enable food and beverage companies to gain real-time visibility across their supply chain processes and systems. With our solutions, you’ll be able to monitor, manage, and analyze information more effectively to drive improvements. Leveraging AI, you’ll also gain unprecedented capabilities for predicting and mitigating risks, avoiding downtime, and optimizing supply chain performance.

Important data is stored in different formats and systems, creating silos of data that cannot be used effectively.

We help food and beverage companies connect and integrate all data sources – eliminating data silos, ensuring up-to-date, accurate information, and enabling truly actionable insights. Prebuilt tools, templates, frameworks, and deep food and beverage industry expertise speed up the process.

Challenges protecting networks and data from security breaches.

Our secure file transfer solutions help you securely share and track mission-critical information movement within the enterprise and across your partner network. Your files will be secure at rest and in transit, enabling you to comply with regulations and safeguard data. You’ll also gain end-to-end visibility and governance to mitigate risk.

Need for greater visibility, traceability, accountability, and trust across the food supply chain.

Leveraging blockchain technology, our food and beverage supply chain solutions benefit food growers, retailers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, and others with increased visibility and collaboration.

Poor inventory visibility leads to lost sales, disappointed customers, lost margins, excess safety stock, and limitations in entering new sales channels.

We enable up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data, even in businesses with high volumes and a large number of SKUs. You’ll meet peak-period demand and avoid over-promising, losing sales, or incurring unexpected charges.

Businesses must keep up with modern technology trends such as big data, IoT, cloud, and mobile – or risk falling behind

Leveraging APIs, we help you unlock data from legacy systems in a secure and governed manner and connect them with modern technologies. Composable technologies will help you adapt quickly to change and capitalize on new technologies.

Companies struggle to manage and leverage the high volume and variety of data effectively, missing out on many opportunities.

We’ll help you overcome pressing data challenges to build a rich foundation of high-quality, trusted data. Standardized data models, well-documented business definitions, and user-friendly interfaces allow your IT and business users to share and comprehend data. Through improved BI dashboards and analytics, we’ll help your managers make better, faster decisions based on timely, actionable insights. With a solid data architecture in place, we’ll also help you leverage AI and advanced analytics tools more effectively to drive better business outcomes.

Legacy applications are difficult to scale and costly to maintain.

Our team of architects, engineers, and developers helps to modernize legacy applications to meet today’s demands, transform them for the cloud, and develop cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging deep solution expertise, we also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions in line with your goals – on-premise or in the cloud. Our team can also help you optimize your Enterprise, Business, Information, and Solution architecture for meeting your current and future demands.

IT teams face difficulties keeping up with the demands of supporting modern solutions and requirements.

Many companies have partnered with Lightwell as an extension of their team, where we run all or part of their critical B2B, supply chain, and order management solutions for them via our managed services. We provide end-to-end management of solutions, on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. We can also offer individual IT resources – or even complete, dedicated development teams ­– to help you achieve your vision quickly and cost-effectively.

Challenges adapting to hybrid cloud environments and leveraging cloud-based technologies.

We help you adapt to hybrid cloud environments through a full range of cloud services and flexible deployment models. We’ll help you develop and execute a cloud strategy, transform applications for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging integration and APIs, we can ensure seamless connectivity between your systems and data, wherever it resides. We can also help you manage solutions in the hybrid cloud.

Difficulties aligning business and IT to achieve digital transformation and other organizational goals – as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Leveraging extensive Enterprise Architecture experience, we help companies develop the strategies, roadmaps, timelines, architectures, and projects to achieve their goals faster while maximizing return on their investments.

Proven Solutions for Food & Beverage

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