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The Energy Industry is Becoming Increasingly Complex

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During a time of unprecedented change for the energy and utilities industry, energy and utility companies are tasked with navigating a complex set of forces and demands.

Energy and utility companies face a variety of intense pressures today. Consumers and businesses are demanding more sustainable energy options, greater reliability, and more personalized services. Regulations are restrictive, complex, and evolving. New market entrants are fundamentally changing the economics of the industry. Unpredictable climate change, environmental concerns, and natural resource issues create frequent disruptions.

A Difficult Balancing Act

Maintaining quality and reliability is essential in this industry – but must be balanced with cost, efficiency, and profitability. To achieve this balance, energy companies must digitally reinvent themselves – which requires transforming their organizations, operations, and offerings.

Speed and Reliability are Critical

It’s imperative to digitize and automate manual, paper-based processes wherever possible to cut unnecessary costs. This also helps to improve speed, productivity, and engagement, particularly during a time where supporting remote work is so essential.

Streamlining communication and collaboration with supply chain partners is vital. It’s also essential to improve visibility everywhere to help avoid penalties, costly downtime, and loss.

Modernization and Satisfaction are Essential

Energy and utility companies must make the most of their assets, equipment, systems, and infrastructures. They need better approaches for monitoring each, ensuring health, and improving performance. Modernizing IT is a must, as is enabling critical systems and technologies – both old and new – to be more accessible to users and to work together seamlessly.

As always, customer satisfaction and retention are critical. As alternative options proliferate and captive customers diminish, energy companies must deepen customer engagement through rich customer experiences and develop innovative offerings to differentiate in this dynamic environment.

Data is the "New Oil"

To gain advantages, companies must also make more effective use of their data resources. Smart devices, IoT, sensors, and systems are everywhere, creating a deluge of data that is difficult to manage and secure. Data silos abound. Customer data spans multiple systems, making it difficult to get a complete picture of the customer and understand their needs. Energy and utility companies must be able to generate actionable, real-time insights on which to base critical decisions.

How We Help Energy and Utilities Companies

The key to solving many of these complex challenges lies in having a modern, agile IT infrastructure that increases your enterprise’s competitiveness in the near-term while positioning you for future growth.

Our experienced business and IT consultants help you develop and execute digital strategies to modernize and optimize your enterprise. We provide proven tools and practical guidance to make your digital transformation faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Digitized Processes and Seamless Integration

With our solutions and services, you’ll digitize supply chain processes and achieve better, faster B2B collaboration with all business partners. Your internal and external processes will be more automated and efficient, helping to reduce cost and complexity.

With your data, systems, and devices connected and integrated, you’ll achieve a more flexible, agile architecture that helps you adapt quickly to change. Legacy systems and new technologies – on-premise and in the cloud – can be leveraged together seamlessly, and you’ll gain unprecedented visibility into what’s happening across the board. With our help, your legacy systems will be modernized and transformed to harness the potential of the cloud.

Superior Experiences and Optimized Data Management

Customers and employees will have consistent, high-quality experiences across multiple channels and devices with access to real-time, accurate information, and greater overall responsiveness from your company. With improved data management and integration, you’ll gain and leverage a complete, 360-degree view of customer data to better understand their needs and deliver more engaging experiences. Furthermore, your workforce will be empowered with more advanced tools, devices, and information – while you gain detailed insights into how to improve their safety and satisfaction.

Leveraging API mobile

Actionable Insights to Gain Advantages

You’ll be able to leverage data from all sources more effectively, generating actionable insights for avoiding disruption, mitigating risk, and driving optimal outcomes. Through improved analytics and visibility, you’ll also be able to capitalize on trends and opportunities better than ever, leading to new services, innovations, and innovations that differentiate.

As a result of working together, we help you position your enterprise to deliver future-focused solutions, not just present-day outcomes.

Power Your Organization with Modern,
Integrated Technologies

Services and solutions from Lightwell help energy and utility companies reduce costs,
create value, and adapt to a changing world.

  • Improving agility to respond to adversity and change
  • Mitigating risk and avoiding disruption
  • Disparate systems create silos and inefficiencies
  • Challenges managing the volume and variety of B2B partners
  • Poor visibility creates blind spots and increases risk
  • Meeting customer expectations for seamless, personalized service
  • Manual processes increase costs, errors, and inefficiencies
  • Inability to leverage data effectively to drive change
  • Ensuring security and reliability of exchanging time-sensitive data
  • Legacy systems are costly, slow, and impeding growth
  • Keeping up with the web and mobile offerings of competitors
  • The need to innovate through new offerings
  • Challenges moving to and leveraging the cloud
  • Aligning business and IT to achieve company goals

Enhancing resilience to address adversity and meet rapidly changing demands.

Our comprehensive services will help you accelerate your digital transformation to increase agility, visibility, and responsiveness. To meet today’s unprecedented demands more effectively, we’ll partner with you to develop and align business and IT strategies, optimize your enterprise architecture, and create and execute your digital transformation roadmaps. We’ll also help you build a more resilient and agile technology foundation in a variety of ways, including modernizing your applications to thrive in today’s “new normal.” This will enable a more flexible integration architecture and facilitate your successful move to the cloud.

The constant need to mitigate risk and avoid disruptions.

By providing end-to-end visibility and insights, our solutions will improve your ability to monitor and act upon internal and external events. Dashboards and AI-powered capabilities help you predict, assess, and mitigate disruptions and risks across your supply chain, while also helping you evaluate and optimize performance. Proactive alerts warn of potential delays and disruptions. Expert recommendations on-demand help to mitigate risks, while your team is presented with guidance to ensure you meet expectations.

Overcoming data silos and inefficiencies resulting from a large number of disparate systems.

By connecting and integrating all of your systems, data, and devices, we help you eliminate data silos and unlock critical information sources. Our solutions and services enable fast, seamless integration of systems and data sources that support your internal operations, workforce, customers, infrastructure, IoT, sensors, and more. The combination of our prebuilt tools, templates, frameworks, and deep industry expertise speeds up the process. Real-time connectivity between systems used by your workforce speed up critical service processes. Improved access to customer data drives higher quality experiences. Also, with enhanced connectivity across your B2B and supply chain operations, you’ll be able to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and elevate supply chain performance.

Challenges supporting communication with a growing volume and variety of business partners across the supply chain.

We enable secure, seamless communication and integration with all of your business partner community – regardless of their level of technology sophistication. We support any-to-any data transformation across a wide range of formats and standards, and virtually any data type or format. With modernized B2B integration and digital supply chain capabilities, you’ll connect and collaborate with more partners than ever before. You’ll gain increased visibility across your supply chain and improve your ability to manage and act on emerging issues.

Lack of real-time visibility creates blind spots, stifles innovation, and increases the risk of disruption.

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and insights that help you spot errors and delays, detect trends, and recognize demand/supply imbalances. You’ll gain real-time technical and business insights needed to avoid disruption, understand and improve performance, and mitigate impact and risks. Your technical and operations team will have better transaction and file-level visibility to ensure everything is running as expected. Your business users can readily view partner and customer trends, helping to evaluate and optimize performance. Furthermore, unprecedented supply chain visibility enables you to avoid outages and resolve performance issues faster. With real-time inventory visibility, you’ll know where to find critical service parts across all locations in real-time, helping you quickly make repairs when needed.

Meeting customer expectations for more engaging and personalized experiences.

We’ll help you elevate customer satisfaction and engagement across all touchpoints through a 360-degree view of the customer. Our Integration and API solutions unlock and aggregate data from multiple systems to realize a single view of a customer – including their usage, revenue, history, and customer service interactions. Connected systems enable automation that improves the efficiency of customer-facing functions and applications. Customer service personnel are empowered to solve issues faster, while customers gain access to compelling self-service capabilities.

Also, through improved data management processes and optimized data architecture, you’ll gain a complete, real-time customer view for delivering more personalized experiences. Advanced data analytics solutions capture, collect, and analyze data for improving sales and marketing effectiveness. Furthermore, more effective analytics and AI capabilities help you reimagine, redesign, and automate customer engagement, service, and support processes for better outcomes.

Eliminating manual processes that drive up costs while impairing agility and productivity.

We help companies connect, automate, and streamline manual business processes so they’re easier to manage, faster to execute, and error-free. By eliminating paper-based processes, you’ll identify and resolve problems much quicker. With improved processes and service quality, you’ll also improve business partner and customer relationships. Furthermore, with digitized processes and documents, you’ll improve visibility into workforce safety, productivity, and efficiency. With the ability to apply analytics and AI to digitized processes, you can identify new ways to optimize efficiencies across various processes.

With so much growth in the volume and variety of data, decision-makers cannot analyze and leverage it effectively to drive change.

We help energy and utility companies overcome a variety of data-related challenges and build a rich foundation of high-quality, trusted data. Our solutions help you integrate large volumes of data from disparate operational, business, and customer systems – as well as IOT-connected sensors, communications systems, and devices. Standardized data models, well-documented business definitions, and user-friendly interfaces allow your IT and business users to share and comprehend data. Through improved BI dashboards and analytics, your decision-makers will make better, faster decisions based on timely, actionable insights. With a solid data architecture in place, we’ll help you leverage AI and advanced analytics tools more effectively to drive business outcomes. Analytics based on real-time weather, traffic, and asset data can dramatically improve maintenance and service-scheduling practices. Competitive data, predictive sales modeling, and more help to improve operations and identify growth opportunities.

Frequent need to send or exchange large files with time-sensitive sensitive content.

Our secure managed file transfer solutions help to guarantee the timely delivery of all types of data quickly and securely – including data from meters, power systems, research, exploration, weather data, GIS data, and more. Lightwell solutions automate your file transfers, with scalability to handle your largest files and highest volumes with lightning speed. There are no limitations on file sizes, volumes, or frequency. Our solutions incorporate secure protocols, encryption, digital signatures, and identity management for data security. Improved visibility and controls help you recover and restart failed exchanges and file transfers with ease. Additionally, high-speed file transfer capabilities enable you to move high volumes of huge files quickly.

Legacy systems cannot meet the needs of modern business and are not scalable without significant additional investment

Our team can modernize your legacy applications to address today’s demands and support the migration of your applications to modern platforms. Leveraging deep solution and application development expertise, we also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions in line with your goals – on-premise or in the cloud. In addition, our team can help you optimize your architecture and entire applications portfolio for meeting your current and future demands. You’ll reduce complexity and cost and achieve greater scalability while accelerating innovation to differentiate from competitors.

Losing to competitors who are leveraging web and mobile channels more effectively.

We help you leverage modern channels to reinvent how you engage with customers. Through our custom-developed web and mobile applications, we help you enable customer self-service, online payments, social interactions, and more. Customers gain ubiquitous access and control of their information while reducing the burden on your team. Superior customer experiences help you differentiate your brand and enable you to expand into new markets. Furthermore, our DevOps experts can help optimize your internal development processes for driving higher quality outcomes faster.

The need to innovate through new offerings.

With a high-performance data foundation that generates clear, actionable insights, you can identify opportunities and develop new offerings with confidence. You’ll be able to leverage a wide variety of data – including customer behavior, interactions, preferences, social sentiment, and more – to develop new offerings and experiences that differentiate your company.

Challenges adapting to hybrid cloud environments and leveraging cloud-based technologies.

Through a full range of cloud consulting services and flexible deployment models, we help you leverage a hybrid cloud architecture effectively to address your unique requirements and gain numerous advantages. We’ll partner with you to develop and execute a cloud strategy, transform applications for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Also, leveraging integration and APIs, we’ll ensure seamless connectivity between your systems and data, on-premise and in the cloud. If you want, we can also help you manage solutions in the hybrid cloud while accelerating cloud adoption across your organization.

Aligning business and IT in order to achieve digital transformation and other organizational goals – as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Leveraging extensive Enterprise Architecture experience, we can help you develop the strategies, roadmaps, timelines, architectures, and projects to achieve your goals faster, while maximizing your return on technology investments. You’ll benefit from architects with decades of experience across a variety of disciplines, helping you drive results quickly and cost-effectively, while avoiding common pitfalls.

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