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Pressure is Increasing for Consumer Goods Companies. How Are You Keeping Up?

The rise in customer expectations, the demands of globalization, and the increase in nimble, consumer-centric competitors have been putting pressure on consumer goods companies for years. But the 2020 pandemic raised the pressures to a whole new level.

 Upended supply chains and a wave of unprecedented disruptions exposed business’ vulnerabilities and created extreme volatility. These events have reinforced the importance of having the visibility, agility, and insights needed to mitigate disruption and respond quickly to change.

Consumer goods companies must balance all these demands with heightened customer expectations for better products, competitive pricing, greater convenience, and personalized experiences.

Achieving Effective Collaboration, Visibility, and Control

To achieve this, consumer goods companies must collaborate effectively with more partners than ever before, while gaining greater visibility and control across supply chain processes. They must digitize and automate manual processes to drive down costs, accelerate product cycles, and increase visibility.

The ability to understand ­– and act on – what’s happening with inventory, orders, operations, and supply chain performance in real-time has become crucial to survival. Meanwhile, the ability to manage and leverage massive volumes of data to drive better outcomes has become more critical than ever.

Overcoming Legacy Technology Challenges

In this environment, legacy technologies that were once game changers are now at risk of holding your company back. But a haphazard approach to implementing new solutions can be disruptive. Doing so can affect internal or external processes in a major way, resulting in hugely negative consequences for your organization.

How We Help Consumer Brands

We help brands in the consumer goods space overcome these challenges to meet customer expectations and drive better business outcomes. Our experienced team of business and technology consultants delivers solutions, services, and insights to help consumer goods companies modernize and digitize their supply chains, optimize processes, reduce cost and complexity, and deliver seamless customer experiences.

We connect data and systems across a rapidly changing partner ecosystem to provide unprecedented visibility, improve efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market. We also help consumer goods companies leverage their data much more effectively, generating actionable insights for driving optimal business outcomes.

A Wide Range of Knowledge and Experience

We bring a wide range of knowledge and experience across a variety of technology disciplines – including Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Cloud, Supply Chain, B2B, Data Analytics, and Application Development – plus expertise in a variety of business processes and industries. This enables us to provide more detailed guidance and perspective, as we can see the “full picture” of how everything works together and identify opportunities for improvement.

Through this comprehensive, strategic approach, we help to streamline and modernize your architecture, improve relationships with your trading partners, increase customer loyalty, drive more value from data and applications, and generate actionable intelligence to position your company for a stronger future.

We do all this in a holistic, pragmatic, and cost-effective manner, protecting your margins and profitability while facilitating growth and expansion.

Advance your digital capabilities across your internal and external processes

We help modernize and strengthen your capabilities to improve your business outcomes.

  • Detecting and responding to disruption, volatility, and rapidly-changing demands
  • Addressing increasing competition and diminishing brand loyalty
  • Disconnected systems and poor visibility impact performance
  • Increased volume and diversity of B2B partners
  • Supporting real-time demands from clients, vendors, and carriers
  • Aging legacy systems can't keep up with modern demands
  • Manual business processes increase risk, delays, and costs
  • Need to mitigate disruption while improving supply chain performance
  • Poor inventory visibility leads to lost sales, higher costs, and negative experiences
  • Inability to leverage data effectively for making optimal decisions
  • Limited resources to support modern IT solutions and requirements
  • Challenges protecting networks and data from security breaches
  • Customer-facing applications are slow, outdated, and not user-friendly
  • Legacy applications aren't scalable and are costly to maintain
  • Challenges moving to or leveraging cloud technologies effectively
  • Lack of alignment between business and IT teams

Consumer goods businesses need to better detect and respond to disruption, supply and demand volatility, and rapidly changing demands.

We help consumer goods companies improve agility, visibility, and responsiveness in the face of disruption and rapid change. We’ll work with you to develop and align your business and IT strategies, optimize your enterprise architecture, and develop your digital transformation roadmap to meet today’s demands. We’ll help you digitize and automate your processes, modernize your critical applications, and assist you in harnessing the benefits of the cloud. With Lightwell solutions, you’ll also gain clear visibility and insight to detect and respond to rapidly-changing conditions.

Brand loyalty is under threat as more competitors dilute market share concentration.

By enabling a 360-degree view of customer data, we’ll help you deliver highly personalized, loyalty-generating experiences across channels. Through intelligent omnichannel order management solutions, you’ll meet customer expectations for perfect orders ­­– regardless of how, where, and when they want to receive them. Comprehensive insights based on data from various sources will help you develop and deliver new products and services that create customer delight – and drive competitive advantages.

Disconnected systems and lack of visibility make it difficult to be fast and efficient.

By connecting and integrating all systems, data, and devices, we enable consumer goods companies to eliminate data silos and unlock critical information sources. Our solutions ensure seamless communication between planning, CRM, sourcing, ERP, production, warehouse, transport, and other systems. Prebuilt tools, templates, frameworks, and deep industry expertise speed up the integration process. By modernizing your B2B integration and digitizing your supply chain capabilities, we’ll help you automate processes, gain real-time, end-to-end visibility, drive performance improvements, and mitigate disruptions across your supply chain. By applying AI, you’ll also gain unprecedented capabilities for optimizing performance.

Increased complexity of partnering with global, expanding networks of wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, marketplaces, and other partners.

We enable secure, seamless communication and integration with your entire business partner community. You’ll be able to support any-to-any data transformations across different formats and standards, and virtually any data type or format. You’ll connect and collaborate with more partners than ever before, increase visibility across your B2B processes, and improve agility to respond to rapidly changing demands. Also, with partner self-service and improved partner management tools, you’ll be able to simplify partner onboarding, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce the time and cost of managing your trading partners.

Challenges supporting the real-time demands of clients, vendors, and carriers.

Our solutions provide real-time messaging, file transfers, and workflows to support complex operational requirements. We also help support always-on, high availability file transfer operations to prevent downtime and improve disaster resilience and recovery.

Growth and profitability are capped when aging legacy systems can’t keep up with modern demands.

Our team of architects, engineers, and developers helps to modernize your legacy applications to address today’s demands, transform them for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging deep solution expertise, we also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions according to your goals. Our team can also assist in optimizing your Enterprise, Business, Information, and Solution architecture for meeting your current and future demands.

Manual business processes cause delays, increase risk, and drive up costs.

We help consumer goods companies connect, automate, and streamline manual business processes so they’re more accurate, easier to manage, and faster to execute. You’ll be able to identify and resolve problems much more quickly and improve business partner relationships.

Monitoring and mitigating an ever-increasing range of potential disruptions, along with a need to optimize supply chain performance continuously.

Our solutions help consumer goods companies monitor and manage internal and external events more effectively by providing end-to-end visibility and insights. In addition, with advanced analytics and AI-powered solutions, you’ll be able to predict, assess, and mitigate disruptions and risks. Timely reports and proactive alerts will warn you of potential delays and disruptions. Expert, on-demand recommendations help your team control risks and identify alternatives for ensuring on-time delivery. A variety of customizable reports and dashboards help you evaluate and optimize performance across the business.

Poor inventory visibility leads to lost sales, disappointed customers, lower margins, excess safety stock, and limited ability to enter new sales channels.

We enable up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data – even in businesses with high volumes and a large number of SKUs. You’ll meet peak-period demand and avoid over-promising, losing sales, or incurring unexpected charges.

Due to exponential growth in volume and variety of data, executives cannot leverage it effectively for making optimal decisions.

We help consumer goods companies overcome their pressing data challenges to build a rich foundation of high-quality, trusted data. Standardized data models, well-documented business definitions, and user-friendly interfaces allow your IT and business users to share and comprehend data. Through improved BI dashboards and analytics, we help them make better, faster decisions based on timely, actionable insights. With a solid data architecture in place, we help them leverage AI and advanced analytics tools more effectively to drive business outcomes.

IT teams are struggling to keep up with the demands of supporting modern solutions and requirements.

Many companies have partnered with us as an extension of their team, where we run all or part of their critical B2B, supply chain, and order management solutions for them via our managed services. We provide end-to-end management of solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. We can also offer individual IT resources – or even complete dedicated development teams – to help you achieve your vision quickly and cost-effectively.

Challenges protecting networks, files, and data from security breaches.

Through comprehensive, secure file transfer solutions, we enable companies to securely share and track mission-critical information movement within the enterprise and across their partner network. Your files will be safe at rest and in transit, enabling you to comply with regulations and safeguard data. End-to-end visibility and governance will mitigate risk.

Customer-facing applications are slow, outdated, and not user-friendly, negatively impacting their experience, and hurting the bottom line.

Our team of application developers and architects develop custom, user-friendly applications, interfaces, and mobile experiences that increase customer engagement, differentiate your brand, and enable you to expand into new markets. Furthermore, our DevOps experts can help optimize your internal development processes for driving higher quality outcomes faster.

Legacy applications are difficult to scale and costly to maintain.

We help to modernize your legacy applications for addressing today’s demands. Leveraging deep solution expertise, we also help you upgrade and optimize your mission-critical solutions in line with your goals – on-premise or in the cloud. Our team can also help you optimize your Enterprise, Business, Information, and Solution architecture for meeting your current and future demands.

Challenges adapting to hybrid cloud environments and leveraging cloud-based technologies.

We help companies adapt to hybrid cloud environments through a full range of cloud services and flexible deployment models. We’ll help you develop and execute a cloud strategy, transform applications for the cloud, and create new cloud-native applications to move your business into the future. Leveraging integration and APIs, we can ensure seamless connectivity between your systems and data wherever it resides. We can also help you manage solutions in the hybrid cloud.

Aligning business and IT to achieve digital transformation and other organizational goals – as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Leveraging extensive Enterprise Architecture experience, we help companies develop the strategies, roadmaps, timelines, architectures, and projects to achieve their goals faster while maximizing their return on their investments.

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