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Through proven strategies, tools, and processes, we’ll help you reduce costs, overcome complexity, get more value from your investments, and deliver results faster.

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Improve your enterprise architecture to unlock immediate savings and long-term gains.

Streamline access to your critical data and reduce the cost of maintaining legacy systems. Simplify and automate manual processes, reduce integration complexity, and leverage real-time insights and AI to discover and resolve issues before they become costly problems.

Cost reduction is on the minds of leaders everywhere.

To respond to the impact of the pandemic and to survive through uncertain times, organizations across all industries are under extreme pressure to cut costs while maintaining – or even improving – performance. 

Through our wide range of capabilities, services, and solutions, we can help you not only reduce costs and complexity – but get much more value from what you have. 

Here are just some of the ways we can help.

  • Simplify and optimize your Enterprise Architecture.
  • Ensure alignment between your technology investments and business goals.
  • Define and communicate a clear and effective strategy.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of integration.
  • Optimize your application portfolio to realize significant savings.
  • Modernize your outdated legacy applications and reduce TCO.
  • Automate inefficient, manual business processes.
  • Reduce the costs and complexity of omnichannel fulfillment.
  • Eliminate manual, outdated B2B processes.
  • Digitize and streamline your supply chain.
  • Enable greater visibility to mitigate risk and avoid disruption.
  • Overcome data complexity to reduce costs and improve outcomes.
  • Leverage AI to improve efficiency and reduce risks.
  • Ensure a cost-effective cloud migration and transformation.
  • Leverage managed services to improve operations.
  • Streamline and automate processes with DevOps.

Through our Enterprise Architecture services, we’ll help you take careful stock of what (and where) you’re spending.  We’ll explore your technologies, goals, and processes in-depth, and help you identify, evaluate, and communicate cost-saving opportunities. Instead of starting by cutting costs, we’ll first determine which assets aren’t driving business value – and which can be improved moving forward. We’ll help you take the right measures at the right time and put a plan in place that will drive short-term benefits while sustaining long-term growth.

Furthermore, we’ll help you create an architecture that enables you to operate with greater efficiency, confidence, and flexibility going forward. Our architects will help you determine how to improve integrations, leverage the cloud, and optimize your data. All of these efforts will help you reduce costs and ensure your organization is more resilient in responding to change and disruption.

With deep expertise in Enterprise Architecture and its related disciplines, we’ll help you align your IT strategies and assets with your business goals.

This will ensure all of your investments and projects are working together efficiently – in the right direction.  You’ll save extensive time and costs, make the most of your resources, and achieve your goals faster.

Learn about our Enterprise Architecture Services.

We have all seen how a great strategy, implemented poorly, can result in wasted resources, corporate disruption, risk exposure, and delayed or missed business value. Our Enterprise Architecture team helps companies overcome this with proven approaches, expertise, and frameworks to accelerate and guide the development of an effective strategy.

We also help develop a prioritized roadmap of projects and tasks to ensure every phase of your initiative achieves key benchmarks – and your plan is executed in a controlled, cost-effective manner.

Explore our Strategic Initiative Planning services.

Traditional integration approaches are costly, inflexible, and can’t keep up with today’s escalating demands. It’s estimated that integration will account for 50% of the time and cost of digital initiatives – unless you adopt a modern approach.

Through our integration services and solutions, we’ll help you overcome integration complexity, enable a flexible integration architecture, and adapt your legacy systems to modern business needs. We’ll help you leverage and manage APIs to connect a wide variety of systems and data sources effectively, wherever they reside. You’ll eliminate silos, seamlessly connect your legacy systems with cloud and SaaS technologies, and increase your company’s ability to adopt new technologies and platforms.

Furthermore, you’ll avoid the bottleneck of a centralized, monolithic integration architecture that’s complex to manage and slow to change. You’ll simplify integration and application maintenance by eliminating brittle point-to-point integrations to legacy systems, greatly reducing costs.  And you’ll eliminate the inefficiency and cost of maintaining multiple integration products – all with separate development, operations, and security features.

Learn how we help to Connect and Integrate Everything.

The IT application portfolios of most companies tend to evolve over time, growing organically rather than through holistic design. Results of this include redundancies, poor integration, lack of visibility, and inefficiencies tied to aging technology that lingers long past its usefulness. When left unchecked, these invisible factors can be a drain on your resources, carrying with them high labor, maintenance, and licensing costs.

Research indicates that when companies take the time to manage their application portfolios actively, IT expenditures can decline by 15-20%—with no significant side effects. We provide a proven application portfolio optimization service to help our clients achieve these benefits and more. 

Through this service, we can help you determine how to optimize your application portfolio to reduce IT costs, improve quality, and free up resources for high-value strategic initiatives. We’ll help you determine which applications are the highest value and can be optimized – and which ones should be transformed, modernized, or retired to reduce costs.  We help you uncover and address previously-unrecognized redundancies and inefficiencies, helping you achieve significant cost savings and quality improvements.

Learn about our Application Architecture Services.

Leveraging experience across a variety of technology and business disciplines – including Enterprise Architecture, cloud, integration and APIs, application development, and DevOps – our team will help you modernize your applications and systems to meet your needs and goals while helping you get the most value from your existing IT investments.  We’ll help you break down silos and complexity, surface unanticipated challenges, and develop a clear path forward.

We’ll help you create and execute a modernization strategy that enables you to overcome the limitations of legacy systems, reduce the costs associated with maintaining them, and capitalize on advanced, efficiency-enhancing capabilities. From strategy creation, cloud transformation services, full-stack development services, and extensive integration capabilities for connecting your systems—we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We don’t just help you keep up. We help you stand out. Many of our clients have praised us for our ability to generate great results quickly, in a fraction of the time invested before bringing us on board.

Learn about our IT Modernization capabilities.

Companies that digitize their slow, manual processes – or update unconnected and complex technological processes – can radically reduce costs and transform their businesses. Business automation is a great way to not only accelerate processes, but enable the broader organization to benefit from greater, faster access to systems and information.  This opens up numerous opportunities for efficiency, productivity, and innovation while reducing costs, complexity, and delays.

By leveraging optimized integration approaches and sophisticated platforms, such as MuleSoft Anypoint, we help companies automate workflows to achieve results like these and more:

  • Greater speed: 60% average increased project speed
  • Superior scalability: 99.99% uptime and the ability to scale without compromising
  • Adoption of new ecosystems: 64% less time spent maintaining applications by reusing assets to save time and drive innovation

Learn how we enable Business Automation.

We help organizations overcome omnichannel complexity, meet customer expectations for seamless service, and achieve cost-effective, flawless fulfillment – all while protecting profitability. 

Through comprehensive services, we can help you digitize and transform your processes to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences across store, web, and mobile channels. We’ll help you leverage intelligent omnichannel order management and fulfillment solutions to streamline and automate complex order fulfillment processes, gain greater visibility and control across your operations, and reduce omnichannel fulfillment costs.

In addition, we’ll help you gain real-time inventory visibility across all of your locations, suppliers, and sales channels. You’ll have the right tools and insights for optimizing inventory utilization, helping you prevent stockouts, increasing inventory turns, and making better use of aging inventory.

Learn how we enable Omnichannel.

We’ll help you harness the power of advanced B2B Integration solutions and B2B networks to facilitate the connection, collection, integration, and automation of data exchange with all of your partners – large and small. You’ll eliminate the chaos of paper documents, faxes, emails, and snail mail – and reduce the time and errors associated with processing them. And if you have small partners who continue to communicate with you manually, you can digitize a wide variety of fax, email, and other documents and transactions by leveraging small partner automation tools.

Our B2B integration consultants can help ensure secure connectivity and collaboration with your partners and leverage powerful B2B capabilities to ensure all documents are sent and received as intended. You’ll save time and money by automating and streamlining processes currently executed manually with paper documents. You’ll also be able to address regulations and industry standards effectively and execute changes quickly.

We’ll also help you accelerate trading partner onboarding, reducing onboarding time from weeks or months to days or minutes. Additionally, we offer onboarding and management services to ensure that every new partner is quickly connected, enabling collaboration to begin almost immediately.

Learn how we help to Modernize B2B Integration.

Through an array of supply chain solutions and services, we help companies improve supply chain integration, collaboration, visibility, and analytics. We enable frictionless, scalable data transactions with business partners and help ensure the uninterrupted flow of information and products across your supply chain. We help them streamline operations and communications, achieve greater efficiency, and achieve complete visibility into what’s happening with each and every transaction – all the time, everywhere. 

Here are some of the ways we can help reduce supply chain cost and complexity:

  • Create a comprehensive strategy and architecture to improve supply chain performance
  • Digitize and streamline supply chain information and processes
  • Standardize information and data before it enters business processes or applications, avoiding human errors.
  • Simplify the management of supply chain systems and processes
  • Sunset outdated and error-prone systems and custom-built supplier portals
  • Enable seamless connectivity and collaboration with all partners while eliminating manual processes
  • Integrate critical systems and data sources across the enterprise and with partners for fast, flawless information flows
  • Enable greater visibility to reduce errors, mitigate risk, and avoid disruption
  • Streamline and accelerate complex omnichannel order processes

Learn more about supply chain optimization.

Three out of four line-of-business leaders say the lack of actionable insight into key processes impedes performance. Our team helps to overcome those challenges by enabling end-to-end visibility across your data and processes.

Armed with real-time visibility, your team and your partners can gain detailed, actionable insights, helping to reveal issues and address them as they happen. Here are some of the ways improving visibility can help you reduced costs and complexity:

  • Achieve visibility into processes that’s almost impossible with manual processes
  • Raise awareness of potential disruptions and their possible impact
  • Keep your reputation intact by protecting business data and customer data
  • Avoid the high cost and loss associated with downtime, errors, and missed SLAs

Learn how we enable end-to-end, real-time visibility.

We bring the knowledge, expertise, tools, and best practices to help you overcome data complexity and unleash its value. We provide comprehensive services and solutions to support your efforts across the entire data management lifecycle. Working closely with you as your trusted partner, our team can help you create an optimal data strategy for overcoming your data management challenges and achieving your goals. We’ll guide you with a detailed roadmap that helps you gain greater control over your data, reduce the chaos and complexity, and enable better outcomes.  

We’ll help you establish the right information architecture and data management processes to meet your unique needs. We’ll help you create policies and procedures to ensure your data is always accessible, reliable, accurate, and secure — now and in the future.  

We’ll help you streamline data management processes, improve performance, and ensure high-quality data now and in the future. We’ll help you modernize your data warehouses and data lakes to increase scalability and meet peak demands from a large number of users.

Furthermore, our experienced team offers a powerful combination of technical, architectural, and industry knowledge that can help you gain accurate and actionable insights across your business. You’ll gain better insights than ever before from your BI and analytics tools, helping you learn what has happened, anticipate what will happen, and determine the best actions to take for improving performance and outcomes.  

Learn how we enable optimize data and insights.

With artificial intelligence-powered supply chain solutions, we help our clients analyze all types of data – structured and unstructured – to quickly reveal actionable insights that help them predict future disruptions and move with agility to prevent them.

AI-powered solutions can analyze massive volumes of data and generate fast, accurate insights and guidance to help mitigate issues that might otherwise disrupt your supply chain. They’ll help you save time, money, and effort. They’ll also help you improve efficiency and outcomes in a number of ways:

  • Up to 90% faster answers
  • Ease of use for business users
  • Increased automation
  • Faster, better insights
  • Faster response

Explore how we enable an efficient, intelligent supply chain.

We’ll help you reimagine, redesign, and transform your current solutions for the cloud and ensure successful cloud migrations. We’ll help you avoid disruption, ensure seamless integration between your on-premises and cloud applications, and optimize your cloud solutions going forward.  From strategy to implementation to monitoring ongoing performance, we’ll partner with you throughout your cloud migration journey, ensuring you reap the benefits of increased agility, responsiveness, scalability, innovation, and differentiation.  

Our experienced team can provide the expertise, capabilities, and technologies you need for successful cloud migration and transformation. We bring extensive application development, DevOps, and infrastructure experience to execute the migration strategy for your organization. And leveraging proven processes and frameworks, we’ll ensure your migration to the cloud is as smooth as possible.

Through partnerships with cloud leaders—including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and more — we’ll ensure you have the ideal cloud environment for your needs and goals. 

Furthermore, our experienced team offers comprehensive, full-stack application development capabilities, best practices captured over decades, extensive DevOps expertise, and more. We’ll enhance your applications to be more modern, agile, user-friendly, and ready for the cloud. You’ll achieve the functionality you envision while increasing elasticity, scale, and resiliency.

Learn how we help you move to the cloud.

Explore how we help you unleash the power of the cloud.

We provide comprehensive, flexible Cloud Managed Services, where we can manage applications for you in your preferred cloud environment. Our team ensures that your new and revised applications are working as expected, systems are performing optimally, and that your team has the training and support it needs. 

Our managed services span your infrastructure, application portfolio, and daily operations, including:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Application management
  • Risk and disaster recovery reports
  • Security and compliance
  • Improvement and upgrade planning
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automation of processes, activities, and tasks
  • Forecasting and trend reports

In addition, offer cloud optimization services designed to reduce spending and increase adoption throughout your organization. This includes:

  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Cloud environment updates
  • Improvement of workflows leveraging DevOps best practices
  • Multi-cloud optimization

Explore our Cloud Managed services.

With a DevOps approach, you can achieve the speed, flexibility, and quality that you need to keep up with business demands, stay ahead of the competition, and meet customer expectations.

We help companies accelerate the speed and quality of software delivery by leveraging a holistic DevOps approach. With our expertise, you can build your applications and prepare for future initiatives simultaneously, skilling up your entire IT department in the process.

Learn more about DevOps consulting.

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