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Overcome complexities and optimize your data to deliver personalized and compelling customer experiences

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Differentiate through outstanding, engaging, and personalized customer experiences across all channels.

Customer expectations continue to rise. In a matter of seconds, they can easily research and locate products they want, compare prices and services, and determine which company offers the best overall experience to suit their personal preferences. They demand accurate information around pricing and inventory availability. They want flexible fulfillment options so they can choose how and when their orders will be received.

They’re quick to switch providers if their needs aren’t met—whether those needs are around pricing, quality, availability, or services. And their positive—and negative reviews are powerful in influencing your product and services’ success.

For these reasons and more, it’s essential to provide customers with seamless omnichannel experiences, flawless fulfillment, and personalized service.

Overcome complexities to meet customer expectations.

However, supporting all of this effectively can be very complicated. Companies often struggle to connect, manage, and coordinate the numerous data sources, systems, and processes involved. They don’t have the right architecture or tools to keep up with evolving customer expectations or the rapid pace of change. Lack of integration creates data silos and impedes their ability to deliver the personalized, seamless experiences customers expect. Poor visibility across internal, customer, and supply chain processes makes management and governance challenging. As a result, companies struggle to understand, adapt, and optimize processes for improving customer experiences.

Explore how we can help.

Leveraging extensive experience across a wide variety of technology and business focus areas, our team can help you implement and optimize your capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We’ll enable you to provide the level of service, personalization, visibility, and efficiency that differentiates your company and reap the rewards of creating happy, loyal customers. This includes:

  • Flawless omnichannel experiences
  • Responsive, customer-centric supply chains
  • Seamless connectivity and unified data
  • Enhanced visibility and insights

Flawless omnichannel experiences

We help companies digitize and transform their processes to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences across store, web, and mobile channels.

We’ll help you leverage omnichannel order management and fulfillment solutions to provide the experience your customers want, deliver more perfect orders, and improve your profitability.

Responsive, customer-centric supply chains

We’ll also help you optimize your B2B integration and supply chain capabilities to ensure you deliver the high-quality products and services they want, when they want them—on-time and cost-effectively.

Seamless connectivity and unified data

We’ll help you connect all of your data sources and systems—quickly and effectively. By improving your architecture and leveraging modern integration and APIs, you’ll deliver more engaging customer experiences while improving your company’s performance. You’ll achieve the rapid, seamless flow of data needed to provide personalized, compelling experiences.

Your staff and business partners will have access to unified customer views that facilitate rewarding interactions. Your marketing and merchandising teams will respond faster to changing customer needs and better equipped to present relevant messaging and promotions.

Enhanced visibility and insights

We’ll help you achieve enhanced visibility and insights across your internal, customer, and supply chain processes to become more responsive and agile. You’ll be able to identify emerging issues, prevent problems that lead to customer disappointment, and optimize your processes, products, and services to delight your customers going forward.

We’ll also help you unlock the value of your data and gain trusted, actionable insights to help you deliver superior products and services. 

Through these capabilities, we’ll help you deliver a consistent customer experience across channels and regions – to enhance relationships and ultimately generate greater revenue. What’s more, you’ll achieve all of this without unnecessary disruption to your existing systems and processes.

Comprehensive, end-to-end services to accelerate your success.

Whether you need assistance with developing a strategy, selecting and implementing solutions, additional resources to augment your team, or you need additional support services – our team is here to help. For decades, we have supported many successful retailers, logistics providers, consumer goods companies, and B2B companies with their strategies – from a preliminary exploration of solutions to ongoing management and support.

Through our services and solutions, we can help you:

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Develop and refine your strategies

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Create a flexible, high-performance architecture

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Integrate your critical systems and eliminate silos

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Enable seamless experiences across channels

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Deliver more perfect orders

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Meet and exceed customer expectations with flawless fulfillment

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Improve visibility across orders, channels, inventory, and partners

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Gain actionable insights for optimizing customer experiences and outcomes

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Delight customers with innovative web and mobile experiences

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy and high-performance architecture.
  • Integrate your systems and eliminate silos.
  • Enable seamless experiences, perfect orders, and flawless fulfillment.
  • Gain enhanced visibility and crystal clear insights.
  • Delight customers with innovative web and mobile experiences.

We can help you build an optimal strategy and architecture for improving the customer experience, starting with a thorough assessment of your business. We’ll help you gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s current capabilities, resources, stakeholders, and technologies. We’ll establish a clear picture of your goals, challenges, and vision of where you’re trying to go. In addition, we’ll architect a solution that aligns with your business goals and provides a scalable, high-performance foundation for the future. 

We’ll help you:

  • Optimize your applications, systems, and architecture
  • Develop a strategy and roadmap for your key initiatives, including customer experience, digital transformation, omnichannel, and IT modernization
  • Streamline your internal and supply chain processes
  • Create a future-ready, scalable architecture to facilitate growth

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By enabling real-time integration and connectivity between eCommerce, order management, marketing, POS, ERP, Marketplaces, partners, and other systems – we help you achieve a 360-degree view of the customer at every touchpoint, extensive visibility across channels and processes, fast and flawless order fulfillment, and more.  Our integration solutions and services enable a variety of essential capabilities – from complete views of customer data, inventory, and orders, to flexible purchasing and fulfillment options, to personalized service and support.

We provide the integration expertise and solutions you need to enable:

  • A 360-degree view of customer data
  • A real-time view of customer orders across all channels
  • Inventory availability and details across all locations
  • Flexible sourcing, fulfillment, and return options
  • Accurate order details and updates
  • Connectivity with third-party marketplaces
  • Accurate payment and account details
  • Loyalty programs and reward details
  • Tailored customer communications
  • Consistent views of information for all customer-facing personnel

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Through industry-leading integration and omnichannel order management solutions, we’ll help you provide customers the products they want, when and how they prefer – while helping you differentiate through great ordering and fulfillment experiences. You’ll meet customer expectations for real-time inventory visibility, flexible fulfillment options, timely delivery, and personalized service across all touchpoints.

Our order management solutions and services will help you:

  • Provide customers accurate inventory availability details: We enable up-to-the-minute, accurate visibility into inventory across all locations, helping to meet customer expectations while also helping you make the most of your inventory.
  • Provide flexible fulfillment options, including Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS), Ship from Store, Drop Ship, Return to Store, and more.
  • Deliver accurate order details and updates to customers, addressing their expectations for timely service and on-time delivery.
  • Increase visibility across all order management processes, empowering your staff to take action as needed to avoid disappointing customers.
  • Connect all systems and eliminate data silos: We enable rapid integration of inventory, CRM, ERP, store, warehouse, transport, and other systems and sources of data, ensuring a unified view of customer data and orders.
  • Leverage reusable processes and assets to make interactions with your company both efficient and consistent.
  • Ensure fast, accurate fulfillment, and more perfect orders through intelligent processes, increased visibility, and proactive alerts.
  • Improve store experiences, enabling real-time access to customer and product information, inventory at multiple store locations, and other details to help associates better serve shoppers.
  • Improve call center experiences, enabling CSR access to all order information needed to ensure a seamless customer experience.

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To ensure you’re delivering superior customer experiences, you need extensive visibility and insights. You need an accurate picture of customers, orders, inventory, store performance, fulfillment operations, and system performance. And you must empower your business, operations, and technical users with insights that equip them to take action when needed. We can help provide the visibility and insights you need to drive improvements across the business. By ensuring a rich foundation of accurate, comprehensive data and enabling you to generate actionable insights quickly and easily – your company will make better-informed decisions to enhance customer experiences and improve customer loyalty.

Your business and technical users will have the information they need to:

  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Avoid disruptions and delays
  • Optimize processes, products, and services
  • Improve profitability

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Our team of application developers and architects can develop custom, user-friendly applications, interfaces, and mobile experiences that increase customer engagement and deliver more compelling experiences.

  • Determine the specific capabilities needed for improved customer experiences: We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements, assess your applications, and conduct a gap analysis to determine the capabilities needed to meet your goals.
  • Develop new customer-facing capabilities. Through our comprehensive application development services, we’ll develop innovative new capabilities, enable more functions, and build interfaces that differentiate your brand and delight your customers.
  • Develop new web and mobile experiences. We’ll develop web and mobile applications that are fast and responsive, helping you meet customer expectations.
  • Optimize UX and UIs: Our UI and UX developers and designers will help you create the modern, compelling experience you envision and that your customers want.

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Application Development Solution IMplementation

Lightwell helps you transform complexity into seamless customer experiences.

For over 20 years, Lightwell has built a reputation for excellence in the strategic planning, deployment, and optimization of technologies.

We’ve helped companies implement intelligent omnichannel strategies and solutions that overcome complexities, differentiate from competitors, and improve profitability.

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