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We’ll help you leverage integration solutions and APIs to overcome complexity and connect all of your systems, data, applications, and devices – anywhere.

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Meeting today’s demands requires powerful integration capabilities.

The pace of change and demand for integration has never been greater. Today, the average business transaction crosses over 35 different backend systems. The number continues to grow as new systems, sources, and processes are introduced. Along with the challenges of managing all of this, companies must meet increasing demands for:

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Seamless connectivity

between applications, data sources, and systems – everywhere

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Fast access

to real-time information residing in these systems

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Frictionless sharing and data flows

across applications, people, processes, and things

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Greater speed and ease

in creating integrations and making changes to them

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Data security

in-transit and at rest, protecting your company and customers

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Better visibility, control, and governance

as data flows between systems

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Seamless customer experiences

by connecting data across systems and channels

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Clear and actionable insights

through more complete, current, and comprehensive data

Traditional integration approaches, involving the creation of numerous point-to-point connections between systems, can’t keep up with these demands. These integrations are costly, rigid, and difficult to manage. Adding or changing endpoints or systems requires substantial time and effort from IT teams. Complexity gets in the way of progress, and creating integrations for key initiatives like customer experience, digital transformation, and moving to the cloud is challenging.

During a time where speed is essential, rapid change is the norm, and disruption is common – a better integration approach is needed.

Improve integration with the approaches,
expertise, and technologies.

To address all of these demands effectively, organizations must have the right combination of integration strategies, skills, processes, and tools, including:

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Any-to-any connectivity

Capabilities to bring all of their data and applications together quickly—wherever they reside.

connect integrate
A comprehensive integration strategy

An integration strategy and plan that is aligned with their business goals, resources, and technology investments.

ai advanced technologies
Integration solutions

that are flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use by both IT and business users across the enterprise.

360 degree view

Tools that enable them to address a variety of demands and initiatives, from customer experience to omnichannel to digital transformation.

User-friendly tools for business teams

Tools and processes to empower business teams can make connections easily, without relying on specific IT skills.

Speed and reuse for IT

Capabilities to enable IT teams to add new systems rapidly, reuse the hard work they’ve already invested, and add, change, and move integrations easily.

With all of these capabilities in place, the connections required to achieve company goals and initiatives can be established quickly, while the costs and complexity of integration plummet. Organizations become more agile, efficient, and responsive. And they have a strong foundation in place to accelerate innovation, enhance customer loyalty, and increase profitability.

Achieving this vision requires the right skills, strategies, and technologies. Our team can bring all of this to you.

Leverage our expertise to help you achieve your vision.

Our team can help your company leverage integration solutions and APIs to overcome its most challenging connectivity requirements, enabling you to connect data, devices, and applications anywhere. We have decades of end-to-end integration experience, extensive knowledge of best practices and industry requirements, as well as expertise across multiple integration solutions and cloud platforms. Beyond the technical, we’re fast and agile. Our experienced teams are always laser-focused on unlocking business value from every project.

Whether you need help developing your integration or API strategy, improving your integration architecture, implementing the right integration tools, or enhancing your current integration solution – we can help. We offer flexible, comprehensive integration services and solutions to assist companies every step of the way.

Comprehensive integration services
and solutions.

Leveraging decades of integration and data management experience, along with the industry-leading Integration and API Management platforms of our partners, we’ll enable you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your integration needs.
  • Define and execute a comprehensive integration strategy.
  • Create a scalable, future-ready integration architecture.
  • Connect and integrate all of your applications, data, and devices—anywhere.
  • Manage and leverage APIs effectively.
  • Connect and integrate processes to enable automation.
  • Connect and modernize your legacy systems.
  • Integrate cloud and on-premises systems.
  • Ensure the uninterrupted flow of data across systems.
  • Enable seamless integration and connectivity with your B2B partners.
  • Achieve a complete view of your customers.
  • Connect eCommerce with an array of supporting technologies.
  • Enable omnichannel order orchestration and fulfillment.
  • Connect all of your inventory sources and processes.

By performing a comprehensive integration assessment, we’ll achieve a clear understanding of your current state, needs, goals, and requirements. We’ll explore your current integration capabilities, determine if and how they’ll support your goals, and recommend new integrations where gaps exist.

Learn about our integration assessments >

Based on what we learn during the assessment, we’ll help you create a comprehensive integration strategy.  We’ll identify the specific integration capabilities your company will need to achieve its goals. To accelerate results, our team will also develop a detailed, actionable roadmap. Together, the strategy and roadmap will provide your organization with a clear understanding of priorities, resources, costs, and ROI.

Explore how we develop an integration strategy >

Through our integration assessment, we’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your current integration architecture and create a plan to optimize it for the cloud. Our integration consultants will leverage a proven Integration Architecture Framework to evaluate your current integration capabilities, identify gaps, and plan for an optimal integration architecture.

Explore our integration architecture services >

Leveraging a full range of services and solutions, we’ll help you connect and integrate any application or data—regardless of platform, device, format, or deployment model. Our team will help you:

  • Connect seamlessly, quickly, and easily through APIs
  • Modernize your messaging and integration infrastructure
  • Integrate cloud and SaaS solutions with your existing systems
  • Connect quickly with partners and customers through new channels
  • Enable secure, high-speed data and file transfer
  • Gain greater visibility and insights through comprehensive, real-time access to data

In addition, we’ll help to improve better security, control, and visibility, accelerating the benefits of seamless integration while protecting your valuable data.

Explore our integration solutions >

We’ll help you create and manage APIs to connect a wide variety of systems, data sources, and devices effectively – wherever they reside. With industry-leading API management solutions, you’ll eliminate silos that impede progress and leverage legacy systems and data more effectively. You’ll unlock critical data sources and systems as APIs and connect them with modern solutions and digital channels to create additional value.

We offer proven tools, skills, and expertise to help you create an effective API strategy and implement and optimize full-lifecycle API Management.

Learn about API management solutions >

By combining our team’s business and technology expertise with powerful integration solutions, we’ll help you to streamline and automate business processes effectively. You’ll achieve greater efficiency, reduce risks, and deliver better business results faster.

Learn about APIs and business automation >

We’ll help you leverage APIs to connect legacy systems quickly. You’ll eliminate the costs and complexity of maintaining rigid, point-to-point connections. You’ll deliver digital initiatives faster, and future-proof your systems, and get more value from your IT investments.

Learn about APIs and legacy system modernization >

Through APIs, we’ll connect cloud applications with on-premises systems, and enable rapid, seamless cloud migrations. You’ll unblock skill bottlenecks by rapidly granting access to on-premises, cloud, and SaaS data, and simplify multi-cloud application management through user-friendly controls.

Explore our cloud integration solutions >

By combining integration and data analytics expertise with powerful data integration capabilities, we’ll help you enable the seamless flow of data across systems – no matter how complex your systems are and where they reside. 

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Our team will help you connect seamlessly with all of your business-to-business partners and help you integrate complex B2B and EDI processes across your entire ecosystem. Leveraging decades of experience, powerful B2B integration solutions, and AI-enhanced B2B collaboration networks – we’ll help you enable frictionless, secure, and reliable connectivity with your B2B partners.

Explore our B2B Integration and EDI solutions >

We’ll help you gain a consolidated view of customer data by integrating disparate systems, multiple data formats, and rapidly-changing data sources. By gathering and integrating customer data from a wide variety of systems and data sources, you’ll achieve a 360-degree view of the customer. With comprehensive, accurate, real-time information available to your customers and staff, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences and improve customer loyalty.

Learn how we enable a 360-degree view >

Leveraging industry-leading integration solutions, we help companies optimize eCommerce by connecting a variety of disparate systems – including CRM, WMS, POS, OMS, ERP. You’ll enable the seamless flow of data to deliver personalized eCommerce experiences, differentiate your brand, and gain a strong competitive edge.

Learn how we enable eCommerce integration >

Through our integration and order management solutions, our team will help you enable the seamless omnichannel experiences customers expect.  This includes enabling buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), real-time inventory availability, flexible purchasing and fulfillment options, personalized service, and much more.  We’ll help you:

  • Connect and integrate customer order channels, sources, locations, fulfillment methods, and carriers
  • Achieve comprehensive visibility into orders and their status across your entire network
  • Provide real-time global inventory availability to your customers and your staff
  • Enable intelligent orchestration of complex orders across multiple locations and fulfillment methods
  • Provide your business teams, store associates, and call center personnel access to comprehensive customer order details to deliver more personalized experiences.

Your customers will be delighted with perfect orders and flawless experiences, while your company achieves more efficient and cost-effective order orchestration and sourcing. Our team has extensive experience with both integration and omnichannel, and can help you plan, implement, and execute your omnichannel strategies effectively.

Learn how we help with your omnichannel initiatives >

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Our team will help you increase inventory visibility and utilization through a variety of means – including integration, inventory visibility solutions, and inventory control towers.  We’ll enable you to connect to all inventory data sources, eliminate islands of inventory locked into specific channels, and enable real-time visibility across your global inventory. You’ll benefit from:

  • A single view of your inventory – from raw material availability and supplier orders to the last mile of customer delivery.
  • Controls to track and manage inventory, enabling you to shift it proactively to where it’s needed most.
  • Visibility to see your inventory in all locations and in-transit
  • Insights to identify and understand the impact of external events to predict disruptions, and proactive recommendations to mitigate the upstream and downstream effects.

You’ll optimize the value of your inventory, improve utilization, and reduce costs. Your customers will get faster, easier access to the products they want.

Learn more about inventory visibility >

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