Enterprise Architecture Services

From Assessments and Strategy
to Ongoing Support and Optimization

Your Business Needs Meet Lightwell’s Expertise

If you’ve landed on this page, you know that today’s demands require a highly scalable, agile and cloud-ready architecture.

Whether you’re looking for expertise to fine-tune your current Enterprise Architecture (EA) or you need assistance with a complete overhaul and new EA program, we’re here to help.

Our team of EA experts has been helping companies navigate the chaos—and achieve their visions—for more than two decades.

| With Lightwell’s Enterprise Architecture experts, you can reduce complexity, increase agility and improve business performance. |

We assist companies with their EA programs, from strategy to implementation to optimization. Through services like our Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Assessment Consulting, our proven EA Operating Model, and our cost-effective Enterprise Architect-in-Residence Programs, we help a wide variety of organizations:

  • Create a holistic view of your technology and business assets.
  • Identify information assets needed to meet business objectives.
  • Break down silos between departments and architectures.
  • Find ways to reduce the complexity across systems and processes.
  • Define the systems, tools, and processes required to achieve business goals.
  • Set up a robust EA for smart technology solutions, efficient operations, and performance measurement well into the future.

More About Our EA Services:

Our Lightweight EA Operating Model — Designed for Heavy Lifting

Leveraging decades of Enterprise Architecture experience, our team has developed an operating model to sift through all the complexity of legacy systems, build a program that’s right for your needs, and get fast business results.

Lightwell EA Operating Model

This model offers a simplified, ‘building block’ approach to managing Enterprise Architecture. In addition to building out solutions in the ‘Project Zone’, the model remains effective end-to-end with planning and operations. We put an EA model in place that will:

  • First, identify goals and strategy
  • Build out roadmaps ahead of new solutions
  • Provide ongoing operations and support for the solution
  • Engage in performance measurement for the entire product lifecycle

Leveraging this proven model, we help organizations improve the way they plan, align, execute, manage, and measure their strategic initiatives.

By implementing our EA model, we help our clients successfully translate their vision and strategy into the changes and results they seek. This doesn’t stop at just a single initiative: instead, this model serves to guide decisions and activities for critical investments going forward. As a result, our clients benefit from faster time-to-benefit, greater efficiency, higher ROI, and significant competitive advantages.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting That Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

To keep projects agile and operations aligned with your original goals, our recommendations are always:

  • Tied back to your business knowledge base
  • Developed out of the initial Enterprise Architecture assessment
  • Aligned with your business and IT strategies
  • Practical for you and your organization
  • Linked to your capabilities and your plans

What Are My Next Steps?

You don’t need to know what is next to know that you need a ‘next’. It could be a Digital Transformation initiative, re-platforming, legacy modernization, and/or an integration overhaul; we are here to help you determine your next steps.

Lightwell does not mandate a one-size-fits-all solution for every enterprise. Instead, we work with you to determine what will translate into both quick wins and long term improvements.

As expert Enterprise Architecture consultants, we bring all of these assets to the table:

  • EA Education: Even if your team is brand new to Enterprise Architecture, we have the resources to build in-house, in-depth knowledge from the ground up.
  • EA Capability Framework: Our capability model spans every critical point of your EA, from articulating your architecture mission to managing integration and solution design.
  • EA Assessments: We examine your business reality and business needs in the context of our capability framework, creating a roadmap complete with process and goals.

From a 4-week, actionable Enterprise Architecture Assessment to an Enterprise Architect-in-Residence program, we want to provide you with what will make the most sense in your context.

Whether it spans weeks or months, a strategic partnership with experts in EA is what will make the biggest difference in your ongoing transformation.

There’s no need to go all in. We are dedicated to adjusting our model to your company and culture — quickly and efficiently.

Interested in getting started? Let’s talk about what Lightwell can do for you.