How Enterprise Architecture
Aligns Business and Technology

Enterprise Architecture is about much more than IT and applications.

Every organization already has an Enterprise Architecture, whether they recognize it or not. EA is simply the sum of all your business and technology assets.

The bigger question is whether or not you are getting the most out of your architecture. This is where setting up an EA program or engaging with EA consulting come in.

Enterprise Architecture is about alignment: are your investments taking you in the direction you expect to go?

EA programs align business and technology investments by treating the architecture of your organization as a set of building blocks — split by domain and perspective. A modern EA is made up of multiple domains, including:

Within each domain, EA consultants will answer the Six Ws (what, where, who, when, why and how) as they assess:

  1. the assets and processes for each domain,
  2. how each domain relates to the other, and
  3. where there is room for improvement

Enterprise Architecture Building Blocks

Projects must be aligned to strategy to deliver competitive advantage

Effective Enterprise Architecture means that projects will be aligned from the discovery stage, prioritized correctly, and sized accurately with both deliverables and change impact understood from the start.

Projects based in strong Enterprise Architecture

Projects Aligned to Strategy

When you set up an accurate and optimized EA program, you’ll be able to more quickly answer the questions that arise from assessing alignment.

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