Cloud Integration

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And Detailed Roadmap for Success

As you migrate your applications and services to the cloud, solid integration capabilities will make the difference between a successful cloud initiative…and a disconnected set of technologies.

Integrations are the glue that will hold your cloud and on-premise applications together.

During our Cloud Integration Assessment, we look at potential issues with your current integrations including:

  • Lack of integration between on-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud environments
  • Increasing costs associated with moving the cloud (with more data flow).
  • Lack of governance leading to inconsistent integrations
  • Inability to add new integrations quickly and easily
  • Inflexible, fragile, and brittle integration architecture
  • Integrations that are costly to maintain and manage
  • Inability to re-use integrations in a cloud-environment

We leverage our proven Integration Architecture Framework to evaluate your current integration capabilities, identify gaps, and plan for an optimal Cloud Integration Architecture.

Using this Framework as part of our comprehensive Integration Assessment, we provide you four deliverables to assist you in developing a solid cloud integration strategy:

  • Cloud Integration Road Map: A detailed, actionable plan customized to your needs, to identify and develop the specific integration capabilities required by your business.
  • Cloud Architectural Recommendations: A high-level approach for integration standards and patterns, events, and scalability.
  • Organizational Recommendations: We can help you create an effective team, along with training and mentoring, for managing and optimizing your cloud integration capabilities.
  • Integration Quick Start Assets: Not everything has to have a two-year runway. To jumpstart your cloud integration initiatives, we provide logical designs and code templates to shorten initial delivery time.

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