Cloud Application
Portfolio Assessment

Understand the Best Actions to
Take With Your Applications

Assessing Your Applications for the Cloud

This element of the cloud strategy assessment focuses on just one element of your Enterprise Architecture: your applications.

We help you quickly determine the cloud potential of your current applications by asking these key questions:

  • Which applications are technically a good fit for the cloud (cloud-ready) or are already in the cloud?
  • Which applications offer the greatest business value and should be prioritized?
  • Which applications should be modernized or remediated as part of the cloud strategy?
  • Which legacy applications present risks, aren’t cloud-ready, and should be retired?

Cloud Readiness and EA: Without an accurate and up-to-date application portfolio, determining cloud readiness is much more difficult. Lightwell ties EA and cloud strategy close together.

For each of these questions, we perform an in-depth analysis of your applications from multiple perspectives, including business value, technical value, costs, effectiveness, and quality.

Which of your applications are the best ‘cloud candidates’ depend entirely on your IT capabilities and your business goals.

“Some organizations are trying to change the way they interact with customers. Other organizations, it’s more about the workforce and enabling employees. We start by defining what you’re trying to achieve and then building a roadmap to help you get there. Connecting EA to cloud strategy means looking at your existing portfolio, to ask if each application fits in the future. And if it doesn’t, how are we going to retire it or replace it?” 
~ Mike Cardillo | Lightwell

Outside of strategic value, the other questions we take into account are the cost and complexity of moving an application to the cloud, vendor quality, as well as security concerns.

By the end of the assessment, we label each application in your portfolio:

  • Cloud candidates: Applications with a high strategic value but a lower ROI or a low strategic value but a good ROI.
  • Weak cloud candidates: Applications with lower strategic value and a lower ROI.
  • Strong cloud candidates: Applications with a high strategic cloud value and a good ROI.

We also help you determine the action to take with each application based on your strategy:

  • Grow
  • Remediate or Replace
  • Re-Evaluate
  • Retire

This approach will help you optimize your application portfolio for your cloud strategy, and help you prioritize your cloud projects.

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