How We Build
A Cloud Strategy

A Comprehensive Strategy
Based on In-Depth Assessments

Creating a Comprehensive Cloud Strategy

We employ multiple, proven approaches to help our clients develop a cloud strategy:

  • Cloud Maturity Assessment and Model: We perform an extensive cloud capability analysis to determine your cloud readiness and which cloud-enabling technologies are needed to support your goals.
  • Cloud Application Portfolio Assessment: To determine which applications and workflows should be prioritized for the cloud, which should be modernized or rebuilt, and which should be retired
  • Cloud Integration Assessment: To ensure that you have the integration capabilities you need to support your cloud strategy and initiatives.
  • Cloud Strategic Planning: To align your IT investments with business goals before and throughout the cloud initiative.

Let’s explore each of these in greater depth.

Our Cloud Maturity Assessment and Model

Our cloud capability analysis is utilized during the initial assessment to determine where our client stands today.

The end goal of this initial assessment is to provide a detailed cloud assessment, strategy, and plan for:

  • Applications and Data
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Management and Governance
  • Cloud Platforms and Technologies
  • Networks and Security
  • Integration Architecture
  • Skills and Resources
  • Organization and Adoption

We achieve this with a thorough analysis of your current environment, architecture, business processes, requirements, workloads, skills, and applications. Combined with an understanding of your employees, organization, culture, and goals, we get a full picture of your organization’s cloud maturity.

“Think about your organization and the capabilities of your employees throughout IT. We help customers understand what they need from a skill perspective and how we can help them achieve those skills. We help companies assess ‘cloud’ for their specific situation.”
~ Mike Cardillo | Lightwell

Through this initial analysis, we look at:

  • Which applications or workloads should be prioritized for the cloud (informed by the Application Portfolio Assessment)
  • Which applications should be enhanced, modernized, or retired
  • Which teams will need which skills to proceed
  • The optimal cloud platform based on your requirements
  • How to ensure data and application security
  • Possible bottlenecks in performance, availability, and scalability
  • Compliance, security, and privacy concerns for your company and industry

Armed with this knowledge, you gain a comprehensive view of your application and infrastructure, helping to identify and prioritize what should be moved to the cloud (and when).

Next, learn how we assess your Application Portfolio for the Cloud.

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