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Develop and Implement a Comprehensive
Strategy for Transforming Your Business with the Cloud

‘Cloud’ is far beyond a buzzword, and it’s no longer optional for large companies.

What comes to mind when we say, ‘cloud technology’?

Do you roll your eyes? Feel anxious? Get excited about the prospect of growth?

There’s a reason both AWS and Microsoft saw nearly $10 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2019.

Cloud technologies have the potential to help organizations increase:

  • Responsiveness
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Innovation
  • Competitive advantages
  • Differentiation

While the cloud represents a huge opportunity for enterprises—that doesn’t mean you should jump in headlong. Your priority should be to get your legacy architecture and applications aligned to the cloud; this is a unique process for every enterprise.

“The cloud has opened up tremendous opportunities for organizations to both reduce infrastructure costs and increase their capabilities. Every company should have a cloud strategy, and cloud strategy should enable the rest of your business strategies.”
~ Mike Cardillo | Lightwell

How do you know which applications should be moved to the cloud? Or which assets should be built in a cloud environment? What about a hybrid approach?

That’s where our cloud assessment and strategy consulting come in.

Where do you want your enterprise cloud capabilities to be in 5 years? What are you doing to get there?

Maybe your goal is a complete digital transformation for your enterprise. Or maybe it’s to develop an integration strategy for new, cloud-based applications.

Either way, your cloud-oriented project should begin with a crystal-clear cloud strategy, based on an in-depth understanding of where you are today and where you’re trying to go.

Before Moving to the Cloud, Assess Your Cloud Readiness

Enterprise teams have plenty of reasons for engaging with a partner for cloud-based projects: integration and API strategies, digital transformation, and moving critical applications to the cloud, to name just a few.

But the very first step should be to develop a robust cloud strategy based on your Enterprise Architecture capabilities and business goals.

“Without a cloud strategy, companies will just start moving things to the cloud. They just pick something. This may create performance and latency issues, and it may not even deliver any positive business results or end up being more expensive. You’re not taking advantage of the advanced functionality of cloud-based solutions.”
~ Mike Cardillo | Lightwell

Instead of ‘just picking something’ to ‘move to the cloud’, Lightwell helps companies define a comprehensive strategy for transforming their business with the cloud. We engage with companies to determine:

  • Your Enterprise Architecture maturity and cloud-readiness
  • Which of your existing applications and capabilities are ready for the cloud, and which are critical moving forward
  • Which solutions should remain on-premise and which should be modernized and migrated to the cloud
  • What new applications and capabilities should be built in the cloud
  • The impact and ROI of moving to the cloud—versus maintaining the status quo
  • How to capitalize on the new capabilities, opportunities and advantages the cloud will enable
  • The cloud-readiness of your organization and culture—and how to accelerate adoption
  • An overall cloud strategy that aligns your capabilities and goals

You can both reduce costs and increase capabilities with a cloud initiative—but only if it’s aligned with business goals. That’s why a clear and comprehensive strategy is essential.

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Lightwell, Enterprise Architecture & The Cloud

Lightwell provides the strategic and technical expertise you need to transform your business, unleash the power of the cloud, and accelerate your cloud journey.

Our team of skilled and experienced cloud professionals takes a holistic approach to cloud transformation, helping you develop and implement a comprehensive cloud strategy that connects your business goals and technologies.

You can have an EA program without a cloud strategy, but you can’t have a realistic cloud strategy without a full-fledged understanding of your EA.

Our experienced team starts with a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment, evaluating your capabilities, technologies, plans, organization, and goals in detail.  From this, we develop a detailed, actionable roadmap and strategy to ensure your cloud investments are aligned with the needs and goals of the business.

We tap into our deep expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Integration, and Application Development to help you design and implement the right capabilities, technologies, and processes—where you need them—to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Leveraging expertise in cloud hosting and managed services, we’ll help you optimize your cloud operations and environment for your current and future needs.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we can help you chart an effective strategy and roadmap based on your goals and objectives.

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