Cloud Managed Services

Ensure your cloud environment is optimized, secure, and agile
with our Comprehensive Cloud Managed Services

Focus on Your Business Goals. We’ll Do the Rest.

Cloud migration is filled with promise. You can create more flexible solutions, innovate faster, and make connecting with your customers easier. But if you don’t have a straightforward way to manage your new infrastructure, you may not be able to capitalize on all of these opportunities.

We’ve worked with dozens of companies to plan, design, and develop applications for the cloud. It’s a great way to move your organization forward. But the work and expertise required doesn’t stop there.

Cloud-native and rehosted applications require maintenance, monitoring, updating, and more. If you want your enterprise applications to continue supporting your operations, goals, and growth, you’ll need a way to keep them optimized.

Azure, AWS, Google, IBM — no matter where your applications live, our expertise keeps them delivering value.

Our Cloud Managed Services

We provide managed services that span your infrastructure, application portfolio and daily operations.

Infrastructure Management

We ensure your cloud environment maintains the service levels required to grow your organization and deliver business value. With expertise in all major cloud platforms, you can place managing your environment in our qualified hands to streamline operations and optimize your workflow.

Application Management

We offer maintenance and operational support for your cloud application portfolio. We have deep expertise across a variety of applications, including the IBM Sterling, IBM Cloud Integration, MuleSoft, Qlik, and other applications.

Maintain compliance, keep your critical applications up and running, and plan for future updates by working with us as your trusted cloud managed services partner. Expand your capabilities over time, reducing the need to replace applications in the future.

Ongoing Services

Cloud Risk and Disaster  Risk and Disaster Recovery Reports

Prepare for outages and scale confidently with our detailed and timely risk analysis.

Cloud Security and Compliance  Security and Compliance

Keep your applications secure for your users and ensure compliance with SLAs, changing regulations, and standards.

Cloud Improvement and Upgrade  Improvement and Upgrade Plans

Scale and adapt your capabilities with strategic plans for application improvements, upgrades, and additions.

Cloud for 24-7 Monitoring  24/7 Monitoring

Put your cloud stack in our reliable hands with around-the-clock monitoring.

Cloud Automation  Automation

Leverage our DevOps expertise to reduce repetitive activities and automate tasks for more agile and efficient operations.

Cloud Forecasting and Trends Report  Forecasting and Trend Reports

Keep an eye on what’s coming, planning for organizational growth and application scaling well ahead of time.

We also offer cloud optimization services, designed to reduce spending and increase adoption throughout your organization.

Why Work With Us?

You’re the expert in your business. We’re experts in cloud development, migration and management.

Customers use our cloud managed services to focus on delivering value to their organization without neglecting critical application and infrastructure maintenance. We work as partners in your growth.

By working with Lightwell, you can count on:

Count On Cloud Expertise  Cloud Expertise

Our managed services go beyond maintenance, offering you strategy, automation, DevOps, security, and development capabilities.

Flexible engagement and pricing  Flexible Engagements and Pricing

Focus on the expert services that you need, leaving room for IT investments elsewhere.

Platform and technology knowledge  Platform and Technology Knowledge

Our experience spans cloud platforms and development technologies. We’ll meet you where you need us.

Business Knowledge  Business Knowledge

We’re experts in IT, but our experience doesn’t end there. Through a detailed assessment, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business goals and capabilities, and bring extensive knowledge around business and industry processes and best practices.

Partner With Us on Your Cloud Journey

We aren’t in the business of one-off, thrown together cloud solutions.

Instead, we focus on creating true partnerships to help our clients thrive in a cloud environment. With our technology expertise and deep understanding of your business, you will accelerate your cloud migration and achieve more with your cloud optimization.

Let’s Get Started

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