DevOps Consulting

These days, ideas are only as good as the speed of their execution. Turn your ideas into applications faster with an expert DevOps partner.

Speed is a Competitive Advantage — How Fast Are You Going?

Organizations in nearly all industries are facing the same major challenges:

  • Rapidly-changing business demands
  • A fiercely competitive landscape
  • Escalating customer expectations

With external factors increasing velocity, modern companies will need to figure out how to keep up.

The key to staving off competition and staying ahead of disruption? Delivering improved products and services, faster.

Traditional development setups won’t deliver. You need a nimble, collaborative development approach.

A DevOps approach delivers the speed, flexibility, and quality that you need to keep up with business demands, stay ahead of the competition, and meet customer expectations.

Skill Up With the DevOps Experts

Companies with a DevOps approach see faster development and build higher quality applications. Our team partners with yours to create DevOps capabilities within your company.

Building DevOps capabilities on your own is a complex initiative. You’ll need to juggle new features, troubleshooting efforts, legacy application upkeep, and training—all at the same time.

Whether you have a team working on DevOps or you’re just getting your feet wet, you’re going to need help.

With our expertise, you can build your applications and prepare for future initiatives simultaneously, skilling up your entire IT department in the process.

Do you Check the Box?

Will DevOps help you? If you answer any of these sound familiar, then yes, it will.

check - dev and op teams

Are your development and operations teams at odds?

Check - downtown

Do you face downtime with implementation failures?

check - processes hampering

Are your processes hampering innovation?

check - lifecycle

Does your lifecycle depend on manual processes?

check - resource limitationss

Are resource limitations delaying testing and delivery?

check - time testing

Do you spend too much time testing new implementations?

Build DevOps Capabilities From the Ground Up

We help companies accelerate the speed and quality of software delivery by leveraging a holistic DevOps approach.

The concept behind DevOps is simple: the continuous improvement and optimization of planning, development, and operations stages. But the execution, especially without experience, is much more complicated.

Move from idea to execution at scale. Leverage DevOps to accelerate and improve value.

Start your DevOps journey today—we’re with you every step of the way. We can help you:

  • Plan and implement the modern processes and tools you’ll need for faster time to market.
  • Eliminate manual activities and redundancy.
  • Train your teams on continuous integration and delivery.
  • Guide your organization through a culture shift, with DevOps transformation as the end goal.

Our DevOps Consulting Process




Align DevOps with your business and technical goals



Determine an effective DevOps strategy and roadmap



Build the business case, estimate impact and
predict ROI



Implement new processes and drive internal adoption



Empower your organization through culture, technology, and process



Integrate your teams and processes for speed and agility

Deliver software 4x faster with DevOps.

Why Work With Us?

Here’s how you’ll achieve results by partnering with us:

  • Align your processes and resources with your organizational goals.
  • Unify your development and operations teams with transparency and collaboration.
  • Build the technologies and infrastructure needed for speed, flexibility and automation.
  • Improve time to market and application quality.
  • Create a stable development environment with automation, elimination of duplicate tasks and auditable work.

Extend Your Application Development Capabilities

Extend Your App Dev Capabilities

Looking for more application development services? Lightwell provides application strategy, modernization, maintenance and more. Whether you need technical staffing or DevOps consulting as you get your application project off the ground, we’re here to help.

Let’s Get Started

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