Custom Application
and Software Development

Count on us to plan, design, develop and deploy brand new
applications that fit your business needs and IT requirements.

Innovative and Customized Application and Software Development

Building entirely new enterprise applications can be transformational for your organization.

But building a team around a new development project is complex, costly, and time-consuming. Choosing an expert partner for your custom application project is the best way to bring innovation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to your application initiative.

Whether you need a new, more user-friendly customer portal or a modernized approach to internal communication, Lightwell partners with you to create a perfect fit.

Create innovative, efficient, and integrated applications with Lightwell’s expert custom application development services.

Custom Application Development Projects

We work with companies to modernize and migrate their enterprise applications—but sometimes you need a fresh start.

Meet new business goals by building from the ground up. We have the blueprints.

We provide expert guidance and end-to-end development services to help you create new applications, software, and user experiences.

Develop-enterprise-Applications    Develop New Enterprise Applications, On-Premise or in the Cloud

Enjoy a completely customized approach to application development, rooted in both your current capabilities and your future plans. We’re here to meet your business needs and goals.

 Create-Cloud-Native-Applications    Create Cloud-Native Applications to Drive Agility

Scale like never before with applications purpose-built for your new cloud infrastructure. Reduce maintenance costs and extend the impact of your solutions with modern, customized applications.

Learn more about our Cloud-Native Development services >

Build-New-Web-And-Mobile-Applications    Build New Web and Mobile Applications

Meet customer demands, partner expectations, and employee needs with user-friendly and lightweight applications. We build with the end-user in mind.

Learn more about our Web and Mobile App Development services >

Application Development From Start to Finish

We work with you to determine the requirements of your application—and then execute every step of the way.

Our development process spans five steps to carry our clients from planning to deployment and management:

    Assessments & Planning

We work closely with your team to establish goals, capabilities, and requirements.

AppDev-Design    Design

We align application design with user stories and end-user goals.

AppDev-Build    Build

We develop and integrate code, testing along the way.

AppDev-Deploy-or-Migrate    Deploy or Migrate

Instead of a premature handoff, we work with you to either deploy a new application or migrate to the cloud.

AppDev-Management    Management

We automate functional testing and monitoring, setting your organization up for application adoption and long term management.

Your Insight, Our Expertise

You know what’s best for your business. We just help you get there.

Our expert team of developers is filled with experienced engineers, DevOps consultants, UI/UX designers, integration specialists, and Enterprise Architecture professionals. Leverage our expert touch to develop better applications, faster.

Why Our Clients Love Our Applications



With decades of experience, we build solutions your business can count on.



We have an expert touch, with ideas that elevate and strategy that accelerates.



We bring an agile and DevOps approach to build applications quickly.



We create seamless communication between your applications and systems.



We begin —
and build — with your goals, needs and capabilities in mind.



Our UI/UX expert team creates exceptional experiences.

By working with us, you’ll add expertise, speed and best practices to your application development initiative. Lean into what you know; lean on us for the rest.

Extend Your Application Development Capabilities

Looking for more application development services? Lightwell provides application strategy, modernization, maintenance and more. Whether you need technical staffing or DevOps consulting as you get your application project off the ground, we’re here to help.

Let’s Get Started

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