Application Development
and Modernization

Achieve competitive advantages, reduce costs, and
connect your company with comprehensive application development services.

Innovative Solutions Built for the Modern Enterprise

Today’s enterprise IT demands are more complex than ever.

Companies have to contend with escalated customer demands and partner expectations. IT has to deal with a rising number of systems, channels, and data sources. Legacy systems get left in the dust quickly—particularly if they were built without the modern enterprise in mind.

Enterprise IT teams need a way forward — not just to keep up, but to stand out.

Working with Lightwell means partnering with experts in application development for the modern enterprise. We dig through the complexity with you, coming through with applications that will truly transform your business.

Let’s Build Something Great Together

Developing new applications to support your company’s business goals is daunting. But you don’t have to map your way forward on your own.

You need a partner that has both the technical skills and industry expertise to build with the outcome in mind. With our innovative application development team, we have helped many companies:

  • Increase their competitive advantages
  • Reduce costs
  • Disrupt their industries
  • Increase agility
  • Lay the foundation for digital transformation initiatives

Applications That Exceed Expectations

We thrive on creating high-quality and cost-effective applications that will drive advantages now and into the future.

Our team is made up of experienced development, DevOps, Enterprise Architecture, and Cloud professionals. By working with us, you’re working with a highly-experienced and skilled team.

How We Help You Deliver Results

modernize applications

Modernize and optimize your legacy applications to reduce cost and risk

develop new applications

Create new, high-performance applications efficiently and cost-effectively

enable secure access

Empower users with streamlined and secure access to the critical applications and information they need

develop cloud native applications

Develop cloud-native applications that capitalize on advanced capabilities and accelerate results

optimize your applications

Ensure your projects, processes and operations are optimized for ongoing success

navigate change

Prepare for and navigate change

Focus on What You Need

Our application development services are flexible for your unique needs.

Consult With an SME

We give you a single resource with the right skills for your specific initiative.

Extend Your Team

We put together a group of skilled developers to work as an extension of your development team.

Let Us Handle It

Our team will take on the complete application project, from planning to execution.

Our Application Focus

With a wide range of platforms and technologies, we support application development for:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Cloud computing
  • UI / UX
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Mobile
  • Retail
  • Data & Analytics
  • CRM

Why Work With Us for Application Development?

Companies continue to partner with us for our:

  • Extensive technology expertise. Our company has decades of application development experience that spans the full software development lifecycle. Get the best outcome for your initiative by working with the experts in both technology and business.
  • Experienced, integrated team. Great work by great people is at the heart of everything we do. Our team sees your upcoming project as an opportunity to help you achieve your vision. You’ll work closely to turn complexity into a competitive advantage.
  • Agile development process. At every stage of an application development project, we move forward with a laser focus on results. With an agile approach, we promise cost-effective and timely solutions for every single client.

Lightwell’s Application Development Services

application strategy    Application Strategy & Advisory

Kickoff your application development project with an expert touch. We leverage our proven process and framework and assess your goals and capabilities to create a cohesive strategy and roadmap. By aligning and optimizing your resources, we help you build a business case for a new application and accelerate the entire project.

custom application development    Custom Application & Software Development

Our full-service option for planning, designing, and developing brand new applications for your business needs. We build an expert team to focus exclusively on your application for the duration of the project. Let us handle it all, from planning to testing.

We start with an assessment of your company and project, working closely with you to determine capabilities, needs, and opportunities for growth. We base our development strategy in this initial assessment, building a dedicated project team to execute.

 Application Modernization

Not every business change requires an entirely new application. We help you identify which applications are prime for enhancement or modernization to overcome legacy system challenges and bring digital transformation faster. Develop new capabilities to support business goals and build interfaces that bring a ‘quick win’ in creating value.

   Cloud Transformation & Cloud-Native Development

We bring expertise in cloud technologies, our proven processes, best-in-class tools, and accelerators to ensure a smooth, efficient cloud transformation and migration. We also assist in reimagining, redesigning, and developing solutions for the cloud, helping to achieve the functionality you envision while increasing elasticity, scale, and resiliency.

    Application Maintenance & Support

The work isn’t over once you cross the finish line—and we’re in it with you. We become an extension of your team, providing you with the skills that you need for your long-term initiatives. Gain access to highly-experienced technologies with the flexibility to scale up and down as your needs change over time.

devops transformation  DevOps Enablement & Transformation

Companies with a DevOps approach see faster development and build higher quality applications. Our team partners with yours to create DevOps capabilities within your company. Build your application and prepare for future initiatives simultaneously, skilling up your entire IT department in the process.

UI and UX Services   UX and UI Services

For both customer-facing and internal applications, we emphasize a modern, compelling, and responsive user experience. We round out the development team with UI/UX developers and designers to create the experience you envision and that your end-users want.

    Mobile & Web Application Development

Customer and partner demands are one of the biggest drivers of change. Make sure your web portals and mobile applications exceed expectations, delivering with responsiveness and speed. Our services help you build a better experience for both B2B and B2C use cases.

   Staff Augmentation

For when your application development project needs a little extra mojo. Augment your in-house dev team temporarily or long-term with one of our development experts. Your new teammate will bring skills, ideas, and best practices, speeding up the entire project.

Interested in learning how we can help you modernize and develop your applications? Connect with us to discover how to get started.

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