Leveraging Technology Leadership

Learn About Some of the Leaders Joining the Lightwell Team with our Recent Acquisition

Leveraging Technology


Here is a brief overview of some of the leaders of Leveraging Technology, and the expertise they are bringing to Lightwell’s clients.

James Cantin, President

James CantinJim has led Leveraging Technology through over twenty years of diversification and growth. He took his corporate experience at Bausch & Lomb and Eastman Kodak to develop a personal vision of the possibilities he could create by integrating software systems. His interest in unlocking new value from technology innovation continues today, taking the Company into deeper knowledge and expanding strategies for adding value to our clients’ businesses.

Wayne VanNewkirk, Executive Director

Wayne VanNewkirkCo-founder Wayne VanNewkirk leads the technical consultants and integration specialists in the delivery of solutions, platforms, and managed services. Before co-founding Leveraging Technology, Wayne built his technical depth and project management expertise at Eastman Kodak. He has the “right stuff” to lead our teams to successful implementations across our diverse set of specialized technologies.

Mike Cardillo, Executive Director

Michael CardilloMike manages the Enterprise Architecture Practice. In various roles at Excellus Blue Cross, Mike led strategic planning and architecture and was responsible for project execution, system integration, infrastructure, tooling, and quality assurance. Today, he helps assure that our clients benefit from the big-picture perspective and superior execution.

If you have an integration initiative and would like to connect with one of our leaders to learn how we can help, please contact us today.