Leveraging Technology is Now Lightwell

Learn About the Leveraging Technology Team, Their Expertise, and Solutions

Leveraging Technology

Introducing the Leveraging Technology Team

Lightwell recently completed the acquisition of Leveraging Technology. This welcome addition to our team enables us to expand upon the strategic services and solutions we provide and to address our clients’ growing and rapidly-changing needs around Integration, APIs, Cloud, and Analytics more effectively.

Leveraging Technology started in 1998 as an Integration specialist. Clients soon sought their help with issues beyond technology, and through this, the team developed deeper insights into Enterprise Architecture and upstream business challenges.

As a result, the company evolved into full-fledged information technology partners and leaders that—as the company name implies—helps organizations maximize business value from their technology investments. Key facts about Leveraging include:

  • An accomplished team of integration and architecture professionals with decades of experience
  • Founded in 1998 and based in Rochester, New York
  • Comprehensive services focused on Architecture, Strategy, Integration, API Management, and Cloud/Hybrid Cloud
  • Proven methodologies, frameworks, and best practices
  • Hundreds of certifications and experience with IBM and MuleSoft integration solutions
  • Industry-leading clients across healthcare, insurance, banking, retail, and manufacturing industries

Learn about Leveraging Technology’s services and their leadership team.

Michelle Kerr, Lightwell’s president and founder, and James Cantin, president of Leveraging Technology, share the story behind the acquisition and the benefits it will bring.

Leading Successful Transformation

The Leveraging Technology team partners with companies to break down the barriers to transformation and achieve competitive advantages. They enable practical, pragmatic approaches to improve business performance, helping companies:

  • Transform and align the enterprise
  • Be more agile and adaptable
  • Gain and leverage actionable insights
  • Differentiate the Customer Experience
  • Control rising costs

Single Mission, Dual Focus

Consistent with the Lightwell approach, the mission of the Leveraging team has been to help companies simplify, innovate, and enable their organizations by removing complexity and using creative design.

Also, through a unique combination of Enterprise Architecture expertise and a deep understanding of Integration, the team has focused on helping companies improve agility, flexibility, and time-to-market with practical solutions.

Their exceptional depth and breadth of skills and experience greatly enhance our ability to design integration solutions across technologies and platforms, deliver real business value, and prepare organizations for the next transformation that business will require.

Services Provided by the Leveraging Team

The Leveraging team brings an innovative, comprehensive suite of services and offerings that we can now extend to Lightwell clients. Examples include:

  • Enterprise Architecture and Governance
  • Integration Consulting
  • Integration Solution Implementation, Management, and Support
  • Business Architecture
  • Information Architecture

The team provides a full range of strategy, planning, architecture, implementation, management, and optimization services designed to help companies wherever they are in their integration and cloud journies.

They have developed proven processes, frameworks, and tools to help organizations accelerate results based on years of expertise and best practices.

Furthermore, they help companies get the most from their Integration, Connectivity, and API Management solution investments, including the industry-leading IBM Cloud Integration and MuleSoft solutions.

Learn more about the Leveraging team’s comprehensive Integration and Architecture services.

Why Leveraging Technology?

Companies across industries have chosen to partner with Leveraging Technology for many reasons including:

  • Disciplined architecture methods that help stakeholders plan and execute critical transformations, including enterprise architecture, integration architecture, information architecture, and business architecture
  • Proven success in improving alignment and effectiveness between business and technical teams
  • Use of solid integration patterns that are technology and platform-independent, to design and deliver hybrid, cloud, or on-premise integration solutions
  • Ability to provide extensive visibility and awareness of key interactions occurring between systems, internal stakeholders, customers, and partners

Partner with Our Team

The Leveraging Team’s unique blend of insight, services, and technology—combined with an unsurpassed ability to execute—makes them a tremendous addition to our team and a great resource for our clients.

Together, we’re here to enhance your ability to get the job done, leveraging our strengths and yours.

Let’s explore the fit, feasibility and potential return of working with a partner like us.

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