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Overcoming File Transfer Challenges

As a result of expanding supply chains and globalization, companies are transferring more and more information each day. For many companies, file transfers are creating a number of headaches as their IT systems and staff are being pushed to the limit. To start, they’re faced with the following:

Hacking and failed security audits

While IT departments may protect some data transfers carefully, employees across the company often send, receive and store a great deal of data in an unprotected, uncontrolled and unsecured fashion (email attachments, FTP servers, and more). This could lead to fraud or other hacking issues by cybercriminals, as well as failed security audits.

Regulatory compliance issues

These uncontrolled and unsecured transfers are making it more difficult for companies to adhere to government regulations.

FTP scripting costs

Information technology resources are wasting precious time hand-coding scripts and manually tracking returned errors. This equates to a significant cost for companies.

Maintaining SLAs

IT departments may be unable to maintain service level agreements around these file transfers.

Inability to scale for file transfer requirements

A company’s legacy infrastructure may be unable to scale to meet your growing file transfer requirements.

Trading partner onboarding time

The time and effort required to set up file transfers with trading partners can be lengthy.

It’s more critical than ever to ensure the safety, security and control of your data, and your company needs a powerful solution to manage and control the critical information that flows across the supply chain.

How Managed File Transfer Solutions Can Help

The Managed File Transfer solutions through our partnership with IBM help to overcome these challenges and more. Our team of experienced managed file transfer consultants can implement, manage and support  IBM Sterling File Gateway software and other solutions to ensure your company achieves the many benefits of managed file transfer solutions.

Key capabilities and benefits provided by the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions include:

  • Secure file transfers with advanced security capabilities
  • Accelerated transport of large data files
  • Assured data delivery
  • Visibility and monitoring for better control of data movement
  • Ability to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • And more

With Managed File Transfer software, your company will be able to support increased file transfer volume and centralize unmanaged file transfers to a more secure framework. You’ll also reduce security risk, streamline file transfer processes, empower growth within your organization, and decrease the challenges faced by your information technology department.

Industry-Leading Managed File Transfer Solutions

By working with the Lightwell, you have access to a variety of managed file transfer solutions through our IBM partnership.

IBM Sterling Quickfile

A solution for simplifying and securing person-centric file transfers

IBM Aspera Enterprise File Sync and Share

A solution for exchanging and synchronizing files between multiple individuals, locations, devices and systems at high speeds

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

A secure, point-to-point file transfer solution for the enterprise

IBM Sterling File Gateway

A centralized gateway that provides you complete, enterprise-grade level over file transfers with your trading partners

IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer (XFT)

A solution for overcoming data size, distance and speed challenges to move the biggest data at incredible speeds

IBM Sterling Control Center

A management solution that provides real-time file transfer visibility and control

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

An application proxy for securing file transfers across your organization’s demilitarized zone (DMZ)

SaaS and Cloud-Based Managed File Transfer

Lightwell will manage the Sterling File Gateway solution for you in our environment

IBM Sterling File Transfer Services

A cloud-based file transfer solution from IBM

View a brief overview video of the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions below.

Your Partner for IBM Managed File Transfer Solutions

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Lightwell can assist you with everything from managed file transfer software procurement to installation to upgrades and support.

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