Comprehensive Consulting Services
For Omni-Channel Commerce and
Supply Chain Management

Services for Omni-Channel Commerce, Multi-Channel Selling and Fulfillment, and Supply Chain Management

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceLightwell’s team of experts has the knowledge and skills to design, deploy, manage, and support your optimal supply chain solution.

Our array of professional services, primarily focused on the IBM Sterling Commerce suite (multi-channel commerce, order management, warehouse management, transportation management and supply chain visibility) include:

Supply chain and omni-channel commerce assessments We’ll review your supply chain at a high level as well as at the micro level to identify improvement opportunities across your supply chain processes and technologies.
Supply chain and omni-channel commerce solution architecture We’ll architect a supply chain management solution that aligns with your business goals, and provides a solid hardware infrastructure, a durable configuration, and a concrete ability to perform reliably and efficiently.
Supply chain and omni-channel commerce solution implementation services Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to initiate and complete your supply chain management solution implementation, and provide post-go-live services as needed.
Supply chain and omni-channel commerce solution project management We can provide full or partial project management assistance, where we define your requirements, and manage project budgets, resources, scope, issues, and risk.
Supply chain and omni-channel commerce solution managed services We can provide you a dedicated, US- and UK-based management and support team that manages everything from the solution design and deployment, to all day-to-day management and support tasks. We’ll handle it all for you.
Supply chain and omni-channel commerce solution ongoing support Lightwell provides personalized, high-quality product support services for the IBM Sterling Order Management System (OMS), IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System (WMS) and other supply chain software, that go beyond offshore or software vendor support levels.
Supply chain and omni-channel commerce solution training and education Lightwell provides supply chain management education and training for all levels of your business.


Lightwell has the industry knowledge and the extensive technical expertise to ensure a successful supply chain or omni-channel commerce solution implementation.

As an IBM Premier Partner, Lightwell can assist you with all levels of your supply chain management implementation–from software procurement to configuration to ongoing management and training.

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