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Solving the Person-to-Person File Transfer Dilemma webcast

Webcast: Solving the Person-to-Person File Transfer Dilemma

On-Demand Webcast Featuring Lightwell (Oxford Consulting Group) and IBM Every day, business users across your company need to share files inside and outside the organization. This presents a variety of challenges, including security risks, burden on your infrastructure, transmission failures, and lack of visibility. How can you provide business users the capabilities they need to get the job done, while gaining the file transfer control, security, governance, and process reliability you need? Read more [...]

Videocast: B2B Collaboration – Driving the Return

In this 20 minute executive videocast, Aberdeen Group’s Bryan Ball and Lightwell’s (Oxford Consulting Group) Chris Halvorson discuss how organizations that optimize their B2B collaboration capabilities experience benefits reaching far and wide—from lower inventory costs to improved customer satisfaction to increased gross margins.  They tackle the questions and discuss the challenges, the metrics, the key strategies for improving your return on B2B collaboration, and more.